Hope for 2017

Hope for 2017

Yes, 2016 was rough, for many people, a year to forget.
From the continued war in Syria, terror attacks, political turmoil and we lost some amazing people.
But, amid that darkness, there were also many wonderful things that happened in 2016.

My top favorites are:

Humpback whales were removed from the endangered species list

Green sea turtles in Florida and Mexico were taken off the endangered list

Gambia and Tanzania banned child marriage

Norway became the first country in the world to commit to zero deforestation

In 2016 Costa Rica ran solely on renewable energy for over 100 days. Now it's aiming for an entire year with no fossil fuels

Plastic bag use dropped massively in UK thanks to charging for them

The US finalized new regulations to shut down commercial elephant ivory trade within its borders

In September, giant pandas became the latest species to be taken off the endangered list.

The first round-the-world flight by a solar powered plane was completed by Solar impulse 2 in Abu Dhabi

What were your favorite things that happened in 2016?
Wishing you a fantastic 2017 ! Love, happiness, health, prosperity, joy and lots of laughter

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