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Planet friendly initiatives!

It makes me so happy to see companies being inventive and taking planet friendly initiatives 🌎🌱
This is on a sign in the bathroom Mar shopping mall in Algarve, Portugal 🇵🇹 - “Did you know that the water that we use for the toilets comes from the rain? We have a 30.000 liters tank that allows us to store water when it rains and reuse it for that purpose… Good idea, right?”
Yes! Great idea @marshoppingmatosinhos 👏
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Algae the future of planet friendly sunscreen

Is algae the future of natural planet friendly sunscreen? Many of us worry that our sunscreen may be polluting the ocean and environment while we want to protect our skin. Algae could offer a natural alternative. That is why we have included Algica, an algae that is a proven spf booster and potential future sunscreen. Our natural organic Make my day cream is packed with algica, the superstar ingredient that also protects your skin from pollution. Make your day with Make my day 💛💛💛
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Anti inflammatory skincare

Anti-inflammatory skincare is a type of skincare that helps to reduce inflammation in the skin. It is designed to help soothe skin, reduce redness, and calm irritation. It can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis. Anti-inflammatory skincare products are formulated with ingredients like aloe vera, green tea extract, and chamomile that help reduce inflammation. They can also provide hydration and nourishment to the skin while calming it down.

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A dose of nature

A dose of nature. One new study from Finland 🇫🇮 by the institute for health and welfare, has revealed a correlation between exposure to nature and a reduced use of prescription drugs, including antidepressants. The study found that the benefits of nature 🌲 was particularly strong with those on the lowest income
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Eternal youth

No, we are not promising you eternal youth or time reversing tricks. We are offering a space in this beauty universe, where you are allowed to be exactly who you are, in all aspects. And gladly offer you the benefits of nourishing your physical body with the power from nature. And by doing so, as a bonus effect. Because your skin will be coated with chosen ingredients beneficial for the skin's natural mechanisms. Then yes, your skin will radiate with glow and feel better suited for your soul.
Transformation is part of nature. Butterflies, flowers, personalities all transform. The most beautiful transformation is however the one when you go from aware to even more aware, of who you are. And accept that. Stopping compromising what you want in your life. Making the right choice. That choice that you know is better for you, in the long run. So no, we won't promise you quick fix skincare solutions. The beauty of our products is aligned with your transformation towards becoming the better you.
We got your back when it comes to skincare.✨ 💚✨
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Body Buddy lotion

We're so happy that more and more of you are discovering our gem, Body Buddy! 💚

Sweet orange essential oil - an excellent skin toner with a natural source of Vitamin C

Lemongrass essential oil - reduces water retention and tones skin

Aloe Vera - amazing plant for various skin conditions and gives glowing skin

Oat kernel oil - maintains a protective barrier for healthy skin, has anti-itch properties

Safflower oil - a rich source of Vitamin E, keeps skin supple

Squalane - improves skin elasticity

Vitamin E - powerful antioxidant, helps to soften skin

Lactic acid - gentle nourishing agent for skin

Bergamot essential oil (bergaptene free) - soothing and skin conditioning.
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Natural and organic ingredients

Just like high quality spices can preserve food and add richness to your meal, with texture, color and flavor. So can high quality skincare add alot of benefits to your skin and its system. Skin absorbs. And what is absorbed the body always tries to convert into something beneficial for you.
That's why we only offer natural and organic ingredients. Because those are the only "spices" that the body understands. 💚
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Natural Perfumes

By Maggie Mahboubian

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Perfumery is undergoing a quiet revolution. The emergence of natural perfumery has ignited a strong interest in the genre, but many still don't understand the difference between a natural perfume and its synthetic counterpart—until they smell it on their wrist.

So what differentiates a natural perfume? For one, they are made entirely of materials derived from botanical (or natural) sources as opposed to molecules that are synthesized in a laboratory. Most commercially available perfumes are made with a high percentage of synthetically derived ingredients (around 95 percent). Many niche and indie brands also use synthetics but tend to include higher percentages of naturals to add complexity to their blends. These perfumes are usually referred to as "mixed media."

Before the invention of synthetically derived aroma molecules in the mid-1800s, vanillin being the first, perfumes were made with traditional extractions such as steam-distilled essential oils, tinctures, and enfleurages. The sources for these extractions were either botanical—flowers, leaves, twigs, buds, bark, resins, seeds, and roots—or animal such as ambergris (sperm whale sputum), castoreum (beaver gland), deer musk, civet (paste from anal gland), and hyraceum (fossilized urine).

Natural extractions are highly complex combinations of naturally occurring chemical constituents. A chemical analysis of a rose otto (steam distillation of rose petals) will reveal upward of 400 different and distinct naturally occurring chemicals that are present in various concentrations. Certain molecules such as geraniol, citronellol, or phenyl ethyl alcohol are present in higher concentrations and are responsible for the smell we recognize as "rose." But there are other components that help round out the scent. These ratios vary from flower to flower, season to season, and terroir, the location where the plant is cultivated. Soil conditions, water, sunlight, and climate conditions all contribute to the makeup of these chemicals and to their yield. Nature is a brilliant perfumer!

The rise of synthetically derived materials expanded the perfumer's palette. It also allowed perfumers to add constituents that would enhance or increase the concentration of a particular odor, rose, for example. Synthetic perfumery ingredients are individual molecules that are either found in nature (linalool, for example) and replicated from a non-botanical source or designed and created by a chemist (iso E super). A perfume made with synthetic ingredients often includes many notes blended into accords that build up a complex composition (some perfumes can have over 200 ingredients). By comparison, a natural perfume combines fewer ingredients that must be blended judiciously so as to maintain a clear structure that holds together during dry-down.

Nature is a brilliant perfumer!

All perfume compositions have a structure made up of top, heart, and base notes. Top notes are ingredients that have small molecular masses, which are more volatile. These include citruses, herbal, and high vibration notes that the nose experiences first. They are the introduction to a perfume. Heart notes include florals and spices, which have greater longevity and create the main plot of a perfume. Base notes like musks and woods are large molecules that have low volatility, which the nose does not pick up immediately. These have the greatest longevity and serve as the conclusion of a perfume.

Natural perfumes have less longevity and do not contain fixatives, which can help top notes last longer and remain linear. This allows the wearer to layer or change their perfume wardrobe throughout the day. The morning nose tends to favor lighter, brighter notes, but by evening the nose is fatigued and needs heavier notes, which is probably why perfumes like Opium or Shalimar are best worn at night.

Natural perfumes also have less sillage or throw. They go on strong but quickly conform to the body. Synthetic perfumes, however, have greater longevity and sillage. They go on strong and can remain strong for hours. This is because synthetic aroma molecules break down more slowly than natural compounds and persist in the environment for longer periods. Some musks can remain on clothing for years.

This is an exciting time for perfumers because there are more creative options to explore. Gone are the days when commercial perfumery dominated the market. The rise of niche (independent perfume houses) in the 1990s opened the doors to artisan perfumery, individual perfumers who conceive, compound, bottle, and market their work themselves. Most natural perfumers are artisans who also make some of the ingredients in their perfume compositions. These can include tinctures, enfleurages, and essential oils that revive traditional methods lost to the commercial world. This sets natural perfumes apart from commercial fragrances, which lack variety and smell the same from batch to batch. Artisan perfumers, like winemakers, work with variable ingredients that make their perfumes unique and one-of-a-kind.

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