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Let there be light!

In Sweden it's dark during many winter months of the year. When the first few days of sunshine appear, after a long time everyone has a smile on their face and this reserved people may even say hi to each other😉There is hope, spring is in the air! I say welcome back to daylight, sunshine ☀️ and spring! Who is with me? #Sweden #swedishorganicbeauty #organicskincareproducts #naturallyswedish #sustainable #spring #hope #hapiness
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Hotels and sustainability

You know when you stay in hotels, the past few years there is usually a sign about towels in the bathroom. It states something like "if you care about the environment like we do, please hang up your towel if you want to use it again. Leave it on the floor if you want it changed ". I always hang up my towel and feel really good about it. I'm not sure why as I certainly don't change my towel everyday at home 😉 When I return to my hotel room, more often than not , the towel has been changed anyway. Has that happened to you too? What's up with that hoteliers? #hotels #hoteltowel #sustainability #savingwater #natural #organic #savetheplanet
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