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What the press is saying about Body buddy lotion

Love it when the beauty editors also love our products. This is what beauty editor, the lovely 💚@susannebarnekow from @plazakvinna magazine has to say about our Body buddy lotion:

“Aloe vera, oat kernel oil, squalane, vitamin E and lactic acid are some of the fantastic main ingredients in True Organic’s new Body buddy. The cream is light but long lasting and has a wonderful refreshing scent of citrus. An essential and natural product to enjoy this winter.”


As my products are like my babies, it really warms my heart, hearing that other people like them too. From the idea to ingredient sourcing to finished product takes a long time and you get attached to your “kids” hoping that the world will receive them well 😉 so thank you 😊 




















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Solution to dry itchy skin

Hydration station
     When we develop new products, the ingredients are of utmost importance of course and thoroughly researched and tested. When making a body lotion there were several criteria to consider. It had to keep skin moisturized all day, penetrate skin quickly, sustainable, natural and organic ingredients and a have a lovely scent. This is why we chose oat kernel oil as one of the main ingredients. Oats have incredible antioxidant benefits, which make them pretty amazing as a moisturizer. Oat oil can provide massive relief for anyone suffering from itchy skin. Although it’s an oil, it is highly absorbable by the skin, meaning no greasy residue and all the great benefits sinking straight into the skin and also penetrating deeply.
We included it in our Body buddy lotion because of its ability to nourish and soothe maturing, sensitive and damaged skin, and for its support of the elasticity of skin. This means that when you apply it in the morning, your skin is still soft and supple in the evening. With the uplifting citrus scent it puts a zing! to my morning and makes it easier to face the day
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Sugarcane a sustainable alternative

At True Organic of Sweden we try to push the envelope further in all aspects, this is why our tubes are made from green polyethylene.  28/04/16 Organic Monitor writes about Sugar Cane as a good replacement to Squalane which originally have been derived from sharks' liver oil and lately from olive oil.

Squalene, a popular personal care ingredient, has been traditionally derived from sharks’ liver oil. Growing environmental concerns are leading brands to seek sustainable sources, such as olive oil. However, the stability of the crop is now leading to the emergence of sugarcane as a new source.

Speaking recently to PSFK , Caroline Hadfield, SVP of personal care at Amyris and also its subsidiary Biossance (leading players in the squalane segment), said that sugarcane comes out on top for its more reliable quality. “Olives are a more volatile and climate-dependent crop, therefore, less sustainable than sugarcane,” she explained. The sugarcane squalane is also more pure, higher quality and a better ingredient for the consumer. It is easy to formulate with, readily biodegradable and has a very stable supply.” Despite consumer enthusiasm for cruelty-free beauty and rising demand for sustainability, moving away from shark-derived squalene is proving a slow process for the beauty and personal care industry. A study last year by NGO Bloom Association found that despite company pledges to use plant-based squalene alternatives, one in five of 72 products tested from across European, Asian and US brands still contained shark liver oil.

"Either brands buy animal squalane, cheaper than vegetable squalane, to achieve a higher margin, or they are deceived by their suppliers who sell the mixed squalane by passing for pure vegetable squalane," Laure Ducos, lead author of the study, explained. Key difficulties in raw material availability are reportedly due to regulations and competition from other industries, minimal governmental support, and western cultural impact.

Source: WRBM


Read more about how we use sugar cane and Green PE 

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