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Summer is here, the temperatures are rising, and you want to stay cool and fresh all day long. Luckily, we’ve got you covered — literally! For a limited time, you can score 25% off our brand new Undercover Agent scents, specially formulated to keep you feeling fresh as a cucumber from dawn to dusk. Our original all-natural deodorant formula is still available, but now you have three refreshing new options to choose from: calming lavender and bergamot, uplifting ylang-ylang and palmarosa, or energizing lemongrass. Any of these all-natural, aluminum-free scents will have you smelling like a secret agent on a mission. At these prices, you might as well stock up on all three! The hottest days of summer await, so take advantage of this sale and refresh yourself in style. Your secret weapon against body odor has arrived.

New Scents, Same Great Protection

You're in for a treat! We've launched three new refreshing scents of our popular Undercover Agent deodorant at 25% off. Our natural, aluminum-free formula will keep you fresh as a daisy all day while the intoxicating new aromas lift your mood.

Our Lavender-bergamot-Cassia blend calms your senses with floral lavender notes balanced by the citrusy zing of bergamot and a hint of warm cassia. Escape to the tropics with Ylang Ylang-Palmarosa-Amyris featuring an exotic fusion of ylang ylang and palmarosa essential oils grounded by earthy amyris. Or invigorate your morning routine with Lemongrass, a refreshing herbal infusion of clean, crisp lemongrass.

Whichever new scent you choose, you'll get the same trusted odor and wetness protection of our original formula with baking soda and arrowroot powder. No harsh chemicals, parabens or aluminum salts - just natural essential oils and plant-based ingredients to keep you feeling fresh and confident all day or night.

For a limited time, you'll enjoy an aromatic adventure and unbeatable value with 25% off all Undercover Agent deodorant scents, new and classic. At these prices, why not try all three? Your underarms and senses will thank you.

Escape the ordinary and treat yourself to an uplifting new scent experience with Undercover Agent. Our introductory sale won’t last long, so browse the new options and stock up on your favorites today before the deals disappear!

Lavender-Bergamot-Cassia: Calming and Refreshing

Looking for an all-natural deodorant that keeps you feeling fresh and energized all day? Our new Lavender-Bergamot-Cassia scent is for you! This calming yet refreshing blend is the perfect pick-me-up for summer.

  • Lavender essential oil soothes and relaxes your senses while fighting odor-causing bacteria.

  • Bergamot adds a bright, citrusy kick that lifts your mood and stimulates your mind.

  • Cassia bark provides a spicy, uplifting aroma to round out this balanced blend.

Together these natural essential oils create an invigorating scent that will have you feeling cool, collected and ready to take on the day. And because it's aluminum-free, Lavender-Bergamot-Cassia keeps you smelling fresh for up to 48 hours without irritating your skin.

What are you waiting for? At 25% off our introductory sale price, this is an energizing deal you don't want to miss. Try Lavender-Bergamot-Cassia today and refresh your routine with an uplifting new scent from Undercover Agent. Your senses will thank you!

Staying fresh never felt so good. Our all-natural deodorants allow your body to breathe while essential oils combat odor and leave you smelling wonderful for up to 48 hours. Take advantage of our limited-time 25% off sale and stock up on calming Lavender-Bergamot-Cassia or any of our other refreshing scents. Your underarms will be happily undercover all summer long!

Ylang Ylang-Palmarosa-Amyris: Uplifting and Balancing

Uplifting and Refreshing

The Ylang Ylang-Palmarosa-Amyris scent is an invigorating blend of floral and citrus essential oils that will give you an energizing boost. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a sunny field of blooming flowers with a hint of lemon in the air—this fragrance evokes that sense of joy and balance.

  • Ylang ylang essential oil has soothing and mood-lifting properties. Its sweet, fruity aroma helps calm the mind and release negative emotions.

  • Palmarosa essential oil has a refreshing lemony scent and rejuvenating effects. It can help reduce stress and anxiety, leaving you feeling revitalized.

  • Amyris essential oil has an uplifting woodsy aroma. It is said to enhance feelings of contentment and ease restlessness.

This vibrant fragrance blend is perfect for when you need an aromatic pick-me-up. Apply it in the morning to start your day feeling focused and optimistic or midday when your energy starts to lag. Its citrusy floral notes will brighten your mood and refresh your senses.

Natural Ingredients

Like all Undercover Agent deodorants, the Ylang Ylang-Palmarosa-Amyris scent contains only natural ingredients and essential oils—no harsh chemicals, parabens.The all-natural formula glides on smoothly, absorbs quickly and provides long-lasting odor protection using ingredients like:

  • Baking soda: Helps neutralize odors without irritating sensitive skin.


A Refreshing Deal

Take advantage of 25% off the refreshing Ylang Ylang-Palmarosa-Amyris deodorant scent and all Undercover Agent deodorants. Stock up on your favorites or try all three of the new nature-inspired fragrances. The sale won't last long, so uncover this refreshing deal now!

Lemongrass: Energizing and Clarifying

Invigorating and Uplifting

Our Lemongrass deodorant scent will energize your senses and boost your mood. The refreshing citrus aroma of lemongrass essential oil is known for its clarifying properties. Just one whiff will have you feeling focused and ready to take on the day.

  • Lemongrass essential oil is stimulating and helps improve concentration. Use this deodorant when you need an extra kick of motivation or mental alertness.

  • The crisp, herbaceous fragrance of lemongrass is refreshing and helps combat fatigue. Apply after a workout to rejuvenate your body and mind.

  • Lemongrass also has antibacterial properties to neutralize odors and keep you smelling fresh all day long. You'll stay dry while enjoying the vibrant scent of lemon groves.

Natural Ingredients

Like all our deodorants, the Lemongrass scent is made from natural, organic ingredients:

Lemongrass essential oil - Clarifying, stimulating and anti bacterial

Baking soda - Absorbs moisture and prevents body odor.


Take advantage of our introductory 25% off sale and treat yourself to our refreshing Lemongrass deodorant. Your mind and body will thank you for the energizing boost and odor protection. Stay alert, focused and smelling fresh with this natural, aluminum-free deodorant. At this price, you'll want to stock up on a few! The sale won't last long, so grab one today.

FAQ: All You Need to Know About Our Natural Deodorants

Have you been wondering about our all-natural deodorants and how they actually work? We're here to answer all your questions in an easy-to-understand FAQ.

How do I apply it?

Applying our deodorant is a breeze. Here are the quick steps:

  1. Clean underarms and pat dry.

  2. Swipe two or three strokes of the deodorant under each arm using the applicator stick.

  3. Allow to dry for a minute before dressing.

  4. Reapply as needed, usually every 12-24 hours.

Will it prevent sweating?

Our deodorants are designed to prevent odor, not sweating. Sweating is a normal bodily function, and antiperspirants that block sweat glands can be irritating. Our natural formula allows your underarms to breathe while neutralizing the bacteria that cause smells. You'll still sweat, but you won't offend anyone's nose!

Take advantage of the 25% off summer sale—your underarms will thank you!


You deserve to feel fresh and confident this summer, so treat yourself to one of these amazing new scents at an unbeatable price. With natural ingredients and enticing aromas, Undercover Agent's deodorants will have you feeling your best all day long without any harsh chemicals. At 25% off, you really can't go wrong. Stock up on your favorites or try them all - with scents this irresistible, you'll want one for every day of the week! Stay cool, calm and collected with Undercover Agent. Refreshing deals on refreshing scents - could the summer get any better? Take advantage of this limited time offer and you'll be all set for warm weather adventures. The summer is yours for the taking, now go get it!

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