Benefits of going barefoot

Ditch your shoes this summer!
Here are some of the benefits going barefoot 🦶
When we take off our shoes and go barefoot, all the small muscles in the foot have to work harder. This makes the foot stronger and more stable. It is good for joint mobility, blood circulation increases, you take a more efficient step and better balance. There is also something meditative about feeling the ground beneath your feet, and that moment of conscious presence should not be underestimated.

Feel how the grass feels under your feet, how the sand is sifted between the toes or maybe how the forest path challenges the soles of your feet with both slightly prickly needles and the occasional stone. The funny thing is that when you step on something that feels sharp or uncomfortable, you exercise your nervous system, which needs to send a signal to the brain in order for you to quickly lift your foot. With age, there is a risk that those types of nerve signals become weaker - and this becomes a kind of exercise that keeps them alert.

A soft surface like grass or sand is a great place to start going barefoot. The base is soft, which is pleasant to walk on, but it also requires extra effort from your feet, which need to work to stabilize you. It’s pretty quick to get used to going barefoot, do it for a while every day and you’ll quickly notice a difference!

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