Hydrate, Brighten and Glow: How This Organic Face Serum Does It All

You've likely tried countless skincare products over the years in an effort to achieve a bright, hydrated, and youthful glow. Many have likely disappointed or not delivered on their lofty promises. However, there is one product that has won a Platinum award for its proven ability to hydrate, brighten, and impart a healthy glow all with 100% natural, 99% organic ingredients. Face it organic serum by True Organic of Sweden delivers where other products have failed. With a potent blend of chia seed oil, thistle oil, rosehip oil, vitamin E, bergamot, and geranium essential oil, this vegan serum has been shown to reduce fine lines, even skin tone, hydrate, and minimize the appearance of pores without causing irritation or breakouts. Adding just a few drops of this powerful yet gentle formula to your daily skincare routine may be the key to unlocking your most radiant and glowing complexion yet.


What Makes Face It Serum Stand Out?

Premium, Natural Ingredients

The Face It serum is formulated with premium organic ingredients chosen for their nourishing and rejuvenating properties.

Chia seed oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, which help reduce inflammation, fight free radicals, and promote skin health. Thistle oil contains vitamin E, an antioxidant that protects skin cells and enhances moisture retention. Rosehip oil is high in vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene, which stimulate collagen production, cell regeneration, and brighten skin.

Vitamin E acts as a natural preservative and antioxidant, protecting the serum from oxidation and damage. It also helps moisturize, soothe, and protect skin. The essential oils of bergamot and geranium provide an uplifting citrus aroma and antibacterial benefits.

The Face It serum is 100% natural, 97% organic, and vegan. It contains no parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, PEGs, or sulfates. The UV-protective bottle helps maintain freshness and potency.

With regular use, the Face It serum’s potent blend of oils and antioxidants hydrates, brightens, reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores, and leaves skin glowing. For the best results, apply 2-3 drops to clean, damp skin before moisturizing. Gently massage into face, neck and décolletage until fully absorbed. Use morning and night to make the most of this all-in-one serum.


Key Organic Ingredients That Hydrate and Brighten

Key Organic Ingredients That Hydrate and Brighten

Two of the primary ingredients in Face it organic serum that provide deep hydration and brighten the complexion are chia seed oil and thistle oil.

Chia seed oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and phytonutrients that moisturize the skin and protect against environmental damage. The antioxidants in chia seed oil are even more potent than those found in blueberries, making it an excellent anti-aging ingredient. Whether you want to reduce fine lines or combat acne, chia seed oil can help revitalize your skin.

Thistle oil, which is derived from wild thistle plants, is a rich source of vitamin E. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant to prevent oxidative stress in the skin cells. It helps keep skin supple and soft while protecting against premature aging. Thistle oil enhances skin hydration and prevents moisture loss, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth.

Two additional ingredients, rosehip oil and vitamin E, provide antioxidant protection and support skin regeneration. Rosehip oil is high in vitamin C, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids that boost collagen production and cell turnover. This helps reduce the appearance of scars, fine lines, and wrinkles while giving skin a youthful glow. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that protects skin cells from environmental damage. It also helps soften skin and promote healing.

In summary, the key organic ingredients in Face it organic serum including chia seed oil, thistle oil, rosehip oil, and vitamin E provide intensive hydration, antioxidant protection, and skin brightening benefits. By using the serum regularly as directed, you will see a noticeable improvement in your skin hydration, tone, and texture. Your complexion will appear dewy, smooth and radiant.


How to Use Face It Serum for Different Skin Types

For optimal results and benefits, the application method for Face It serum depends on your individual skin type and needs.

Normal Skin

If you have normal skin with minimal sensitivity, you can apply 2-3 drops of Face It serum directly to clean, damp skin, gently massaging it in with upward strokes. Allow it to absorb completely before applying your daily moisturizer. This direct application will provide hydration and brightening effects. You may use the serum up to twice per day, in the morning and evening.

Sensitive Skin

For sensitive skin, it is best to mix 1-2 drops of Face It serum into your daily moisturizer before applying. This helps buffer the potency of the active ingredients and prevents irritation. Use the mixed product once per day, either in the morning or evening. Monitor your skin's reaction, and you can slowly increase the serum amount over time as tolerated. The serum will still provide benefits when mixed into your moisturizer.

Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, apply 3-4 drops of Face It serum directly to damp skin and allow to absorb before applying a rich moisturizer. The serum helps hydrate dry skin while the moisturizer locks in moisture. You can use this method twice a day for maximum hydration and nourishment. The essential oils and antioxidants in Face It serum also help improve skin elasticity and softness.

Acne-Prone or Oily Skin

For acne-prone or oily skin, apply 2 drops of Face It serum mixed into an oil-controlling or mattifying moisturizer once per day. The serum will provide nourishment and brightening effects without exacerbating oiliness or acne. Be sure to use non-comedogenic, oil-free products. You can slowly increase frequency of use over time as your skin adjusts.

In summary, Face It serum is suitable and beneficial for all skin types when used properly. Pay close attention to how your skin reacts and adjust amounts and frequency accordingly. With regular use, you will achieve a hydrated, brightened and glowing complexion.

Face it serum- The best organic serum

The Benefits of Using an Organic Antiaging Serum

As an organic antiaging serum, Face it by True Organic of Sweden provides several benefits to promote healthy, youthful skin.


The serum contains chia seed oil and thistle oil, both of which are rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E to moisturize skin and improve suppleness. Rosehip oil also helps hydrate while increasing cell regeneration. Using the serum helps your skin retain moisture, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.


Ingredients like rosehip oil and vitamin E act as antioxidants to protect skin from environmental damage while also brightening your complexion. The vitamin C naturally found in rosehip help fade hyperpigmentation and age spots. Your skin will appear more even toned and radiant with regular use of the serum.


The potent blend of organic ingredients in this serum work together to reduce signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. Chia seed oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids which help strengthen skin and boost collagen production. Rosehip oil and vitamin E improve elasticity. Using this serum as part of your daily skincare routine will help you maintain a youthful glow and slow down skin aging.

In summary, Face it organic serum by True Organic of Sweden provides hydrating, brightening and anti aging benefits through its concentrated blend of organic oils, extracts and essential oils. When applied regularly, this lightweight yet potent serum will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and revitalized. For the best results, use the serum daily on clean skin before applying your favorite face cream.


FAQs About Face It Serum

As an award-winning organic face serum, Face It contains high-quality ingredients to hydrate, brighten, and impart a healthy glow to your skin. Composed of 99% organic and 100% natural components, this vegan product relies on plant-based extracts and essential oils to nourish your skin without harsh chemicals.

Face It contains chia seed oil, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants to promote skin health and reduce signs of aging. Thistle oil provides vitamin E to keep skin supple, while rosehip oil increases cell regeneration for a rejuvenated appearance. Bergamot and geranium essential oils scent the serum and benefit troubled skin.

This fast-absorbing serum should be applied to damp skin before your daily moisturizer or blended into your face cream. Its lightweight, non-comedogenic formula will not clog pores or cause breakouts. Regular use of Face It serum may help to minimize pore size, fade fine lines, brighten your complexion, and impart an overall glow.

Application and Usage

To use Face It serum, follow these steps:

  1. Cleanse your face and pat dry with a towel, leaving skin slightly damp.

  2. Apply 3 to 5 drops of Face It serum to your fingertips.

  3. Gently massage the serum onto your face and neck, paying extra attention to areas of concern like fine lines, dark spots, or uneven skin tone.

  4. Allow the serum to fully absorb into your skin before applying your daily face cream or makeup.

  5. Use Face It serum daily, ideally both morning and night, for maximum benefits. Continual use will lead to hydrated, bright skin and an overall healthy glow.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Face It organic face serum:

• Is Face It serum safe for sensitive skin? Yes, the natural, organic ingredients in Face It serum are gentle and non-irritating for most skin types, including sensitive skin. However, always do a patch test on your inner wrist first if you have very sensitive skin.

• Can I use Face It serum if I have acne-prone skin? Face It serum is non-comedogenic, meaning it will not clog pores or cause breakouts. The ingredients may even help to clarify skin and reduce inflammation. However, if you are prone to cystic acne, check with your dermatologist first before using any new skincare product.

• How long will one bottle of Face It serum last? One 30ml bottle of Face It serum should last approximately 3 to 4 weeks with regular twice daily use on face and neck. For best results, be sure to use within 6 months of opening.

• Is Face It serum vegan and cruelty-free? Yes, Face It serum is vegan, cruelty free


With a blend of organic oils and extracts carefully selected for their nourishing and rejuvenating properties, Face it serum by True Organic of Sweden should be a welcome addition to any skin care routine. In just a few drops, it delivers intense hydration, promotes skin brightening and radiance, and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores. This multi-tasking product is ideal if you're looking for an all-natural solution to common skin concerns that won't irritate sensitive complexions or clog pores. For the ultimate skincare experience, apply the serum to damp skin before your daily face cream and enjoy its refreshing botanical aroma as it absorbs quickly into your skin. With regular use, you'll notice a healthy, youthful glow that leaves you ready to face each day with confidence.

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