Open for conversation- solution to loneliness epidemic

Here’s my idea: With many of us working from home these days and adults spending significantly less time with friends and family. Older people feeling increasingly isolated. It’s not always your connections are available for a quick coffee when you are. To combat this, cafes can play a role in creating connections and making new friends. By putting up signs that say "Open for Conversation" they can provide a safe space for people to meet up and talk.  (If you are old enough, you may remember the “No smoking” signs on tables) 😉

Not only will this benefit those who are looking for a break and chat,  it could be beneficial for the business too - as customers can share tables and may come more often if they can  engage in conversation. This is a great way for cafes to show their commitment to the community while also getting more business!

Who knows, you might meet a new customer, make a new friend, laugh and feel energized, ready to continue with your day.

Maybe it can even help with the loneliness epidemic that is a worldwide ever-growing problem .

What do you think?

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