Seasonal Skincare: Caring for Dry Skin in Winter With True Organic of Sweden

As the cold winter months approach, it’s time to adapt your skincare routine to combat dry skin. With the dry air and harsh winds, your skin needs extra hydration and protection. Look no further than True Organic of Sweden’s All You Need is Me overnight balm and Make My Day cream to keep your skin soft, nourished and protected all season long.

Combat Dry Winter Skin With True Organic of Sweden's All You Need Is Me Balm

To care for dry skin during winter, apply True Organic of Sweden’s All You Need Is Me balm as an overnight hydrating mask. Upon waking, your skin will feel soft, smooth and rejuvenated. This balm contains several ingredients that moisturize, protect and repair dry skin:

  • Castor oil cleanses, purifies and prevents dryness. It can alleviate issues like acne, blemishes and razor burn.

  • Beeswax seals in moisture and shields skin from environmental damage.

  • Olive oil, used for centuries, softens skin and improves elasticity with vitamin E and oleic acid.

  • Shea butter, extracted from shea nuts without chemicals, naturally contains vitamins A, D, E and F to hydrate and soothe.

  • Vitamin E, an antioxidant, protects and repairs dry skin by preventing free radical damage.

  • Blueberry seed oil, high in tocopherols and tocotrienols (vitamin E), possesses strong antioxidant properties to combat dryness.

This balm’s anti-inflammatory ingredients also relieve fatigue from activities like skiing. Despite cold weather, continue protecting skin with True Organic of Sweden’s Make My Day cream, which shields from sun, rain and pollution with algae extract.

To summarize, All You Need Is Me balm treats dry, winter skin overnight with natural moisturizers and protectants. Make My Day cream then defends skin during the day against environmental aggressors. Together, these products hydrate, soothe and safeguard skin regardless of season. With the proper regimen using True Organic of Sweden’s skincare solutions, healthy, glowing skin can be achieved year-round.

Key Ingredients in All You Need Is Me Balm for Hydration and Protection

To properly care for dry skin during winter, it is essential to adapt your skincare routine. True Organic of Sweden’s All You Need Is Me balm contains key ingredients that hydrate, protect and nourish your skin.

Key Ingredients for Hydration and Protection

All You Need Is Me balm contains several ingredients beneficial for dry skin:

  • Castor oil helps purify, soften and moisturize skin. It can reduce dryness, acne and irritation from shaving or cold weather.

  • Beeswax acts as an emollient by sealing in moisture and protecting skin.

  • Olive oil contains oleic acid to soften skin and vitamin E to improve elasticity. Used for centuries as a natural moisturizer.

  • Shea butter is rich in vitamins A, D, E and F. It hydrates, softens and soothes dry skin and provides a smooth base for shaving.

  • Vitamin E protects and repairs skin as an antioxidant. It prevents damage from free radicals and environmental factors.

  • Blueberry seed oil contains vitamin E and essential fatty acids to moisturize and protect skin. It has strong antioxidant properties to neutralize free radicals.

All You Need Is Me balm’s ingredients are all-natural, organic and anti-inflammatory. Use it daily to hydrate your skin and protect it from environmental damage. Apply it at night as an overnight mask for intense hydration. Your skin will feel soft, smooth and revitalized after each use.

With the right products containing ingredients tailored for your skin type, you can keep your skin healthy and glowing even during the harshest of winters. True Organic of Sweden’s All You Need Is Me balm provides an all-in-one solution for soft, moisturized skin with natural ingredients you can trust.

Tips for Adapting Your Skincare Routine for Dry Winter Weather

To properly care for dry skin during winter, adapting your skincare routine is essential. The harsh, cold weather can deplete your skin of moisture and natural oils, leaving it itchy, flaky and irritated. Implementing the following tips will help nourish your skin and maintain a healthy barrier function.

Use a Rich Moisturizer

A thicker cream, especially one containing hydrating ingredients like shea butter, Algica , glycerin or hyaluronic acid, should be applied immediately after washing your face. These emollients help seal in moisture and create a protective barrier. Reapply as needed, especially after being outside in cold, windy conditions. For persistent dryness, use an ointment like All you need is me balm at night.

Limit Harsh Cleansers

Gentle cleansers free from sulfates and alcohol should be used during winter. Harsher cleansers can strip your skin and damage the natural lipid barrier. Limit washing to once per day or every other day if your skin feels very dry. Lukewarm water should be used instead of hot when washing or rinsing your face.

Use a Humidifier

Running a humidifier can add moisture back to the air and hydrate your skin. Aim for 30-50% humidity for the most comfort. Place the humidifier in your bedroom and run it while you sleep for the maximum benefit.

Protect skin from exposure

Continue using Make my day cream and wear protective clothing, sunglasses, scarves and gloves when outside. Sun and wind exposure further dries out and damages skin. Reapply Make my day every 2 hours to shield your skin.

By following these recommendations, your complexion will stay soft, smooth and hydrated all winter long. Adapt your routine as needed based on your skin's condition for the best results. With diligent care and protection, dry skin doesn't have to be inevitable during the cold season.

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