The Secret Behind Make My Day Cream: Algica, the Organic Sunscreen Booster Sourced Sustainably From the Sea

Ever wonder why some people just seem to glow? There's a secret behind radiant, ageless skin and it comes straight from the sea. Our Make My Day cream is the all-natural solution to achieving and maintaining a vibrant, youthful complexion. Packed with 79% organic ingredients, including Algica, an innovative new sunscreen booster sustainably harvested from algae off the West Coast of Sweden. Algica helps boost your skin's natural SPF while also nourishing it with essential vitamins and antioxidants. Free from harsh chemicals and toxins, Make My Day cream is formulated to work with your skin, not against it. In just weeks, you'll notice the years melting away as fine lines fade, wrinkles soften, and your skin regains its elasticity and dewy glow. The secret to timeless beauty is simple - just add water, or in this case, algae. Make My Day cream, experience the refreshing power of the sea in every application.

Make My Day Cream: Truly Organic Skincare From Sweden

Make My Day Cream is truly organic skincare sourced sustainably from Sweden. Containing 79% organic ingredients, this all-natural cream features Algica, an algae cultivated organically along the Scandinavian coast.

Algica acts as an SPF booster and is in the process of being registered as an organic sunscreen by regulatory agencies. It's harvested directly from the West coast of Sweden, ensuring it doesn't damage marine life or the ocean environment. Make My Day Cream helps slow down aging naturally while protecting your skin from sun damage.

The Power of Algica: A Sustainable Organic SPF Booster

The secret behind Make My Day Cream lies in Algica, an organic sunscreen booster sustainably harvested from the Swedish west coast.

Sourced sustainably from the sea, Algica is grown organically and helps support coastal communities in Sweden. Using Algica means you can protect yourself from sun damage without harming marine life or the environment. It's a win-win!

With Algica, a little goes a long way. Just a tiny bit of this potent algae significantly boosts the sun protection power of Make My Day Cream.

Make My Day Cream with Algica helps slow signs of aging like wrinkles and dark spots in an eco-friendly way. You'll get peace of mind knowing you're using a product that's not only safe for people but the planet too. Why not give your skin a daily dose of organic sun protection and rejuvenation? Make your day with Make My Day Cream - you deserve it!

Slow Down Aging Naturally With Make My Day Cream

Slow Down Aging Naturally With Make My Day Cream

You’ve found the fountain of youth—in a jar! Make My Day cream’s secret anti-aging ingredient, Algica, helps turn back the clock and slow down signs of aging. This organic algae extract acts as a natural sunscreen booster to shield your skin from harmful UV rays, one of the biggest contributors to wrinkles and age spots.

Algica comes from algae sustainably cultivated along the coast of Sweden. This sea-sourced wonder hydrates, softens, and visibly firms skin. As an antioxidant powerhouse, Algica helps neutralize free radicals that accelerate skin aging. With daily use, you’ll notice fine lines and wrinkles become less apparent, age spots start to fade, and your skin regains a youthful glow.

Make My Day cream nourishes your skin with a blend of organic essential oils and plant-based ingredients like aloe vera, squalane , and vitamin E. This all-natural moisturizer hydrates without feeling heavy or greasy. It absorbs quickly to leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

You can feel good about using a cream that’s not only natural but also eco-friendly. The algae used to make Algica is grown in a sustainable way that protects marine life and the ocean ecosystem. By choosing Make My Day cream, you're supporting sustainable practices and giving your skin the gift of natural anti-aging care. Rediscover your skin’s youth and vitality—naturally! Make every day your best day yet with Make My Day cream.


You deserve the best for your skin and the planet. With Make My Day cream, you get both. Featuring sustainably-sourced Algica from the pristine waters of Sweden, this rich cream nourishes your skin with the best nature has to offer. Smooth it on, knowing you’re supporting organic farmers and protecting marine life with every application. Make My Day cream lets you greet each morning with a radiant glow, safe in the knowledge you’re doing your part to keep the ocean ecosystem healthy and strong. Why wait? Experience the difference organic makes. Your skin—and the planet—will thank you.

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