Slow yoga

At some point or points in life, sooner or later it probably happens to all of us that we come to a crossroads. A time when we feel a bit lost and small. When well meaning and loving but very annoying people tell you to make lemonade out of those lemons. When at that time, all you want to do is grab some lemons and throw at them 😉When this happened to me (not the throwing lemons bit) what really helped was a yoga meditation course aimed to find the lust and love for life again. Research has shown that slow yoga is just as effective as antidepressants. I also used Face it that has the uplifting essential oils bergamot and geranium throughout the day. Scents and aromatherapy are so connected to our brains. Finally a top tip I learned to keep the same thoughts coming over and over : Sit in the lotus position, flutter your knees up and down quickly like a butterfly, at the same time breath deeply and turn your head slowly from side to side. It's like rebooting a computer. Do you have any tips to share? #organic #organicbeauty #faceit #yoga #meditation #naturalcure #organicserum #yogatips #crossroads #naturalbeauty