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All you need is me- 95% organic | eco | bio
At True Organic of Sweden we use the purest certified organic ingredients for our products. What you put on your skin will eventually wind up in your bloodstream. When you use organic skin care you are working with the sophisticated natural systems of your skin.
We want to make natural skincare products that have as few ingredients as possible while still getting results. The natural ingredients work in synergy with each other and become even more effective. When choosing organic skincare you are investing in your skin, your family and the environment.
Love your skin, love our planet

All you need is me

All You Need Is Me is an intensive cream for extraordinary care. Protects the skin against weather and wind, soothes red and irritated skin. Works great on cracked and dry cuticles, heels, elbows and lips. Perfect as a lip gloss.

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Benefits of Castor oil, beeswax, Olive oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Blueberry seed oil, Sunflower oil and clinical trials for these natural and mostly certified organic ingredients.

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We are dedicated to use environmentally friendly packaging. We are constantly sourcing the best and closest options out there. For our All you need is me, we were lucky to find a tube made of sugarcane manufactured in Sweden. For the deodorant Undercover agent, we will initially use glass containers but we might have found a new exciting alternative.

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 "Winter balm. Swedish True organic of Sweden has made an organic version of Elisabeth Arden's classic Eight hour cream. A multi balm with organic oils, unscented and is as suitable for cuticles as your lips." Metro Mode, December 2014.
"Your new best friend. All-purpose cream comparable to the classic Eight hour cream, but containing only natural ingredients. Does it get better? Works on anything from dry lips to sore nipples and red baby-buttocks" Amelia Vänta Barn, November 2014.

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