Bilbo Blue Eyes, 2015

Bilbo Blue Eyes, March 2, 2015

""All You Need Is Me" is undeniably a clever name for a cream. I got it in a goodie bag when I was at this event. True Organics of Sweden is made in Sweden and I got to have a little chat with a cute Tina de Sousa, creator of the cream.

All purpose cream All You Need Is Me was launched last year and has been called "the ecological Eight Hour cream" and certainly resembles the Eight Hour cream. It is already on several web shops and retail chain Kicks will start selling it this year.

It is a thick, compact cream that may require some work if you want to smear it on a larger area. It is slightly tacky, but not too much. I have been able to use it on top of my hands and I think it works well. I apply in the evening as all the fine oils will work overnight. I massage it into the hands of the cuticle.

It feels gentle and effective and to me with sensitive skin, it is a big plus that it has no added fragrances or essential oils. It feels like it really goes in and goes to work and I think that my hands and cuticles are less dry after I use this regularly."

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