From organic food to organic skincare to sustainable packaging

First we opened our eyes to organic food. Who wants to eat food that is sprayed not just once but several times over with chemical pesticides?

From there, the focus expanded to organic skincare. What I put on my my skin and my family's skin goes right into our bodies.

Naturally we want our packaging to be a conscientious as our ingredients. We do not want to worry if chemicals from a plastic tube will leach into an organic cream.

So when it came to packaging my first organic balm, All You Need Is Me, I had sustainability in mind. It took some searching but then I found a producer that made tubes out of sugarcane. Totally degradable and environmentally friendly.

We have received quite a lot of attention and positive feedback about our tube because it is made out of sustainable sugarcane. Environmental activist and journalist Mattias Goldmann even took our tube to UN international climate change conference in Lima, Peru ( ) and presented it there. It was very well received and hopefully representatives will take the information about new sustainable packaging home to their countries.

My next product, Undercover Agent, is a natural deodorant free of alcohol and synthetic aluminum and it actually works (no need to compromise your health). Finding the right packaging solutions was challenging; I wanted a roll-on for the deodorant but have not yet found any environmentally friendly roll-on plastic packaging. So I choose glass. It won't leach chemicals but it's a bit heavier to ship. If you hear of someone who produces environmentally friendly plastic or light deodorant roll-ons please let me know :-)


Love your skin, love our planet



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