Look for the Stars

Percentage matters

It Seems It is increasingly hard to try to choose skincare products thathave The Natural and organic ingredients we want. Reading the labels of product Can Be Difficult - deciphering rolling microscopic text, long chemical names and Latin terminology. By law skincare companies must declare ingredients in Latin though not people speak Latin today. Labels can overpriced conceal a low percentage of ingredients. Some certified organic products might contain 'Less than 10% organic ingredients, the remaining amount being cheap filler. 


Consider the ingredients

I recently bought a Moroccan Hair Treatment from an organic companys That states on the bottle That it is paraben free Which is fantastic. But looking closer at the Main Ingredient it turned out to be a silicon based compound That May be Associated with environmental toxicity of according to Skin Deep Database. Silicones in hair products can deliver great results at first but over time dry and damage your hair.


Start slowly

Start by educating yourself on the ingredients inside the products you use every day. Ingredients are always Listed in proportional order with the highest Quantities at the top of the list. Does it contain 'endocrine disrupting chemicals, allergens or carcinogens? If it does, ask yourself if it's worth it. Do you really want to ask exposing your body to hazardous chemicals When there are so many incredible, safe alternatives out there? Do not forget our power as Consumers to influence change. We can effect change if we act strategically.


Look for the stars

At True Organic of Sweden Our aim is to make all product labels clear for anyone to read and understand. An organically farmed ingredient HAS To Be Clearly marked with a star on an ingredient list. The more stars on the list, the higher the percentage of organics within the product. Look for the stars!


Love your skin, love our planet


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