Organic love and care from Sweden

Organic love and care from Sweden
“You are what you eat” has long been in the back of our minds. However, it is not only what you eat that determines your inner wellbeing. True Organic of Sweden knows this all too well and are determined to do what they can to make us all live and feel better with skin care products free from chemicals, leaving you with a baby smooth and fully nurtured face and body.
“People don’t always realise that what they rub onto their skin goes directly into their body,” says Tina de Sousa, founder of skincare company True Organic of Sweden. “But once you’ve opened your eyes to what many skincare products actually have in their list of ingredients, you start to think about what you’re actually putting your skin – and body through.”
With 100 per cent natural ingredients, de Sousa and True Organic of Sweden are giving the competition a run for its money. Determined to protect the planet and those who inhabit it they even use eco-friendly packaging made from glass and sugar cane,, for their creams and lotions. “Many of the big skincare producers have more or less organic products but they are enclosed and wrapped in toxic plastics and un-recyclable material which has the exact opposite effect of what the products sets out to endorse,” de Sousa explains. “True Organic of Sweden really is purely organic in every way. Both inside and out!” she adds with a laugh.
With True Organic of Sweden’s skincare line All You Need Is Me de Sousa and her team are showing the market that sometimes simplicity is the best way to go and when it comes to products that are good for you in every single aspect, it doesn’t get any better than this. The skincare business is a big one, and the competition fierce, something de Sousa does not see as a problem. “The more of us there are, and the more we push for organic and natural ingredients, the better it is,” she says genuinely. “If products like ours become the norm rather than the exception, the world will be a much better place for everyone.”
True Organic of Sweden is the perfect gift for yourself or someone you care for. “It’s a bit of love and care from Sweden,” de Sousa says with a smile.
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