From idea to beauty product on the shelf

Have you ever thought how, why and who is behind the skin care you find in the shop?
To create a skin care product can take months or even years from idea to shelf

First comes the idea and here I’m lucky to own a skincare company , as I’m working through my own wishlist. I have studied science of natural health, so I’m quite sure what ingredients I would like in a product and even more sure about ingredients I would not like. I work together with a chemist who is an expert in formulating cosmetics as the ingredients I would like to have in there might not go together. She also ads valuable points and thinks about preservation and such things I don’t know about. At the same time, I work on packaging and barcodes with our talented designer Nicole Waller and think about the text that has to go on the packaging. I started out making the first product All you need is me with a cheeky humorous text, so now of course all the following products have to be humorous too. At this point the formulator may be ready to send the first test of a new product . It has never happened that I am happy with the first test, so we revise formula and repeat the process again and again until we are happy and in love with the test.
From here on we can have many delays again when it comes to ingredient availability as I only use 100% natural and as high organic content as possible.
Then also we keep our fingers crossed that the packaging ordering and delivery runs smoothly. Lastly we need to get a slot in the manufacturing to make and fill the tubes. Finally the product is ready to be shipped out to stores and spas. Never is it a perfect problem free process, there is always something. Maybe that’s why I’m like a proud mama every time I get a new product on the market. Now when you know the process it’s my great pleasure to show off our newest spa product Sea me mask , the visible wow. 100% natural and 96% organic The ingredients are :
Chlorella- rich in amino acids and antioxidants, helps improve the production of your skin’s collagen. Tightens skin and smooths fine lines and wrinkles
Sodium hyaluronate- powerful anti aging ingredient naturally occurring in skin. Plumps up skin and the appearance of wrinkles is greatly diminished
Aloe vera- soothing antioxidant that increases elasticity
Pullulan- tightens and firms skin. A natural plant based polysaccharide
Spearmint and peppermint essential oils- brightening and uplifting

Stunning photo by Jaak T. Arendi
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