My story

Here is my story how I started my organic skincare business, True Organic of Sweden.

I just finished my degree in Science of Natural health when my son was born. He had diaper rash and I was sore from breastfeeding. I searched for an organic ointment or balm but even the certified ones had as little as 5% organic ingredients and the rest could be anything

At the time, I was living in Switzerland but returned to Sweden to research how to actually make a skincare product myself. I connected with Eila, who ran a small lab and became my guide as I created my first product - All You Need is Me balm. It's made with 100% natural and 95% organic ingredients.

Sustainability is extremely important to me, so I decided to use sugarcane tubes instead of plastic, which is better for the environment even if a little more expensive. Just two weeks after launching, All You Need is Me balm won its first award from Swedish magazine Tara Beauty in 2014. Demand was also immediate from distributors.

I was thrilled with our success, but then people started asking about future products. That's how the True Organic of Sweden brand was born. I only create products that meet my high standards for organic ingredients and avoid synthetics. I've even been called the "Queen of No" because of how picky I am!

I believe All You Need is Me balm has won 7 awards so far because it soothes and calms skin issues so effectively and quickly. Natural ingredients work in synergy with each other and become more powerful. You can use it as an overnight mask to wake up with baby soft skin, or for feet, elbows, hair ends, shaving, nettle stings, gardening, kids' cheeks in winter, skiing protection, and more - I always keep a mini tube handy for emergencies. It's like an organic version of Vaseline or the hour cream.

If you're interested in selling True Organic of Sweden products as a retailer, wholesaler, distributor or investor, I'd love to chat more. Just reach out at in her kitchen experimenting with ingredients when starting True organic of Sweden 2014
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