Going Undercover? Our Natural Deodorant Agent Has You Covered

Undercover agent natural deodorant that actually works- best natural deodorant

Ever wanted to go undercover on a secret mission? As a natural deodorant connoisseur, I've got you covered - literally. Our latest all-natural deodorant Undercover Agent is here to stealthily keep you feeling fresh for hours. With three unisex scents to choose from - Lemongrass, Lavender-Bergamot-Cassia, and Ylang Ylang-Palmarosa - you'll be able to slip under the radar and remain odor-free thanks to our non-toxic formula free from aluminum chloride. Whether you're tailing a target through crowded city streets or staking out a remote safe house, our deodorant has got your back (and pits!) covered. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to grab a bottle of Undercover Agent and go deep undercover without worrying about body odor giving away your position. The name's Agent - Undercover Agent.

Our Award-Winning Natural Deodorant That Actually Works

Our award-winning natural deodorant, Undercover Agent, is formulated to keep you smelling fresh all day long. This aluminum chloride -free deodorant glides on clear and leaves no sticky residue under your arms.

  • New unisex scents: Choose from Lavender-Bergamot-Cassia, Lemongrass or Ylang Ylang-Palmarosa. These essential oil-based fragrances are perfect for any secret mission.

  • Non-toxic ingredients: Undercover Agent is made from all-natural, organic ingredients like glycerin , xanthan gum , potassium alum , baking soda and essential oils. No harsh chemicals here!

  • Goes on clear: This deodorant applies transparently and dries fast. No more white marks or stains on your clothes!

  • Keeps odors at bay: The baking soda in Undercover Agent helps neutralize underarm odor while the coconut oil and shea butter create a protective barrier.

  • Gentle and effective: Undercover Agent is strong enough for all-day freshness yet mild enough for sensitive skin.

Your mission for fresh pits and subtle scents is a go with Undercover Agent natural deodorant! Now get out there, agent, and go undercover in style!

Introducing Undercover Agent - The Unisex Natural Deodorant

Introducing Undercover Agent - The Unisex Natural Deodorant

Looking for an all-natural deodorant that will keep you feeling fresh during your most active days? Our Undercover Agent deodorant has got you covered. Formulated for both men and women, this unisex formula is packed with essential oils and natural ingredients to neutralize odor without the use of harsh chemicals.

  • With three unisex scents to choose from - Lavender-Bergamot-Cassia, Lemongrass or Ylang Ylang-Palmarosa - you'll be able to remain undercover thanks to our non-toxic formula free from aluminum chloride . Our long-lasting protection will keep you feeling confident from sunrise to sundown.


Now get out there and go undercover with confidence - your secret is safe with us!

Undercover Agent's New Scents for Any Secret Mission

Undercover Agent's all-natural formula is specially designed to keep you feeling fresh during your most covert operations. With three new unisex scents to choose from, your secret is safe with us.


This calming yet uplifting blend of lavender, bergamot and cassia essential oils evokes feelings of tranquility and joy. Perfect for stealth missions requiring zen-like focus. The soothing lavender helps relieve stress while the bright citrus bergamot and spicy cassia add an extra boost of energy.


The refreshing aroma of lemongrass essential oil is perfect for hot summer days or exotic locations. This invigorating scent has natural deodorizing properties and leaves you smelling crisp and revitalized. If your mission takes you to the tropics, lemongrass is an ideal choice to keep you cool under pressure.

Ylang Ylang-Palmarosa

A romantic floral blend of ylang ylang and palmarosa for seductive late-night stakeouts or alluring undercover roles. The sweet, fruity floral notes of ylang ylang combined with the rose-like palmarosa create an intoxicating scent that lingers on the skin for hours. This sensual fragrance may prove distracting, so use with caution!

Undercover Agent’s non-toxic formula is free from aluminum, parabens, and phthalates so you can go deep undercover with confidence. Our natural deodorant glides on clear, leaving no trace behind. Choose from our newly launched scents or stick to the classics—either way, Undercover Agent has got you covered on your most secret missions. Stay stealthy, agents!

How Our Non-Toxic Formula Keeps You Smelling Fresh

Our natural deodorant formula is specially designed to keep you feeling fresh all day long. How does it work? We've combined mineral salts with essential oils and natural extracts to prevent body odor without the use of harsh chemicals.

Non-Toxic Ingredients

Instead of aluminum salts, we use natural mineral salts like potassium alum and sodium bicarbonate to prevent odor-causing bacteria from thriving. Essential oils such as lavender, bergamot, and ylang-ylang give our deodorant a pleasant, natural fragrance while also having antimicrobial properties.

Long-Lasting Protection

Our formula is highly effective at controlling odor for 8-12 hours, even during activity or exercise. The natural ingredients form a protective barrier on your skin to prevent odors before they start. Reapplication may be needed in hot or humid weather, but in general, you can apply once in the morning and be protected all day.

Hypoallergenic and Cruelty-Free

Free from harsh chemicals, parabens, and phthalates, our deodorant is hypoallergenic and suitable for most skin types. It's never tested on animals and is cruelty-free. The simple, natural ingredients minimize the risk of irritation, even for those with sensitive skin.


Our deodorant bottles are made from glass and are fully recyclable. The formula itself is biodegradable and free from ingredients that pollute the water supply or harm ecosystems. By choosing natural deodorant, you're doing your part to support sustainable products and a greener planet.

Undercover Agent natural deodorant allows you to go about your day without worrying about odor or harsh chemicals. Our non-toxic, eco-friendly formula will keep you smelling fresh from morning to night, no matter what secret missions you embark on!

Frequently Asked Questions About Undercover Agent

Many first-time users of Undercover Agent natural deodorant have questions about what to expect. Here are some of the frequently asked questions and answers:

Will it really keep me dry?

Yes, Undercover Agent is formulated to prevent body odor and keep you feeling fresh. You may need to reapply on hot or active days. Give your body time to adjust to the aluminum-free formula.

Will it stain my clothes?

Undercover Agent is non-staining when used as directed. However, as with any deodorant, residue may build up over time on clothing, especially on areas where you sweat the most. Gently wipe underarms before dressing and wash clothes regularly.

Is there an adjustment period?

Some people experience mild irritation or increased sweating for the first few days of use as their body adjusts. This is normal and will subside. Make sure to apply as directed after showering and exfoliating. If irritation persists beyond one week of use, discontinue and consult a doctor.

Can I use it right after shaving?

It is best to avoid applying any deodorant for 24 hours after shaving to allow pores to close. When you do start using Undercover Agent again, apply a small amount and blot excess with a towel. This will minimize potential irritation. The essential oils may sting freshly shaved skin.

Using Undercover Agent natural deodorant may require a short adjustment period, but the rewards of all-day freshness and odor protection without harsh chemicals make it worth trying. Staying hydrated, reducing stress, and maintaining good hygiene will also help you remain scent-free on even the most covert of missions.

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