Slow Down Aging Naturally With Make My Day Cream

Ever feel like time is slipping through your fingers faster than you can keep up? As the years go by, you start noticing those fine lines slowly etching their way across your face and wonder if there's any way to press pause. Lucky for you, there's a new secret weapon in the fight against aging—Make My Day cream. This little tube of wonder is packed with antioxidants and superfoods to protect your skin from environmental damage and pollution. With the revolutionary Algica ingredient, Make My Day cream creates an invisible shield against the elements while flooding your skin with moisture and slowing down the aging process. Just a dab of this sweet-smelling cream morning and night leaves you with a revitalized complexion and the confidence that comes from knowing you have nature's most powerful anti-agers working for you. Time may march on, but with Make My Day cream in your skincare arsenal, aging doesn't stand a chance.

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Revolutionary Algica: A Natural Sunblock and Antioxidant

Have you heard about the revolutionary new ingredient Algica? It’s an extract from algae shells that acts as a natural broad-spectrum potential sunscreen and antioxidant. Pretty amazing, right? When True organic of Sweden formulated Make my day, their unisex face cream, they knew Algica had to be a key part.

Algica protects your skin from environmental pollutants and free radical damage, which are two of the biggest contributors to premature aging. It potentially helps shield your skin from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays without the use of harsh chemicals found in most sunscreens. Algica is so effective, it’s actually in the process of being registered in the EU as an organic sunscreen ingredient.

Make My Day Cream combines Algica with other natural superfoods and antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E, jojoba oil, squalane, rosehip oil, blueberryseed oil, turmeric etc. This powerhouse blend moisturizes your skin, boosts collagen production, and leaves you with a healthy glow. The essential oils of bergamot, lemongrass and sweet orange give it a refreshing citrus scent that both men and women will love.

When you apply Make My Day Cream morning and night, you’re not just hydrating your skin. You’re protecting it from environmental damage, promoting skin cell renewal, and slowing down the aging process in a natural, holistic way. This unisex face cream really does help you start each day with skin that looks fresh, balanced and years younger. Who knew natural ingredients could be so revolutionary?

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Hydrate and Balance With Superfoods

For the ultimate anti-aging boost, use Make My Day Cream twice a day, in the morning and at night before bed. Gently massage it onto your face and neck until fully absorbed. Let the nourishing superfood extracts and natural essential oils work their magic while you sleep so you can wake up with skin that looks refreshed, rejuvenated and radiant. Slow down aging naturally and make every day your best skin day yet with Make My Day Cream.

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A Little Goes a Long Way With Make My Day Cream

A Little Goes a Long Way

With Make My Day cream, a small amount is all you need to reap the benefits. This rich, concentrated formula is packed with antioxidants and superfoods to nourish your skin, so a pea-sized dollop for your face and neck is sufficient.

  • Start with a tiny bit and add more as needed. It’s easy to overdo it, leaving your face feeling greasy. Gradually build up to your perfect amount.

  • Gently massage the cream into your skin using small circular motions, paying extra attention to any fine lines or dry areas.

  • Let the cream fully absorb before applying any other skincare products or makeup. This allows the active ingredients like Algica algae extract and essential oils to deeply penetrate your skin

Make My Day cream is designed to work with your skin’s natural processes overnight while you sleep. So for nighttime use, apply just before bed to wake up with soft, smooth skin. The bergamot, lemongrass and sweet orange essential oils have calming aromatherapeutic effects to help you unwind at the end of the day.

Using Make My Day cream consistently, morning and night, will naturally slow down signs of aging for a revitalized, balanced complexion. A little goes a long way, so one tube should last you 1-2 months with regular use. For the best results, be sure to use within 6 months of opening before the antioxidants start to lose potency. By following these tips, a tiny bit of Make My Day cream can have a big impact on your skin health and appearance.

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So there you have it, a natural way to slow down aging and protect your skin from environmental damage with Make My Day cream. Packed with antioxidants, superfoods and the innovative Algica, this cream is a skincare powerhouse working hard while you're out living your life. Apply it each morning and night and let it do the work for you, leaving your complexion refreshed, balanced and revitalized. Before you know it, you'll be getting compliments on how great your skin looks and people will be asking you what your secret is. You can smile, point them to Make My Day cream and tell them the secret to youthful skin is slowing down aging the natural way.

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Face It Organic Face Oil Serum: A Natural Solution for Mature and Breakout-Prone Skin

Have you been struggling to find a natural face serum that actually works for your skin? Whether you're dealing with signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles or pesky breakouts, the search for a solution can feel endless. What if I told you there's an organic face oil serum that can tackle both mature skin and breakout-prone skin? Face It Organic Face Oil Serum is loaded with chia seed oil, which has unusually high levels of phytonutrients and antioxidants to nourish your skin. Safflower seed oil provides a rich source of omega 6 to moisturize without clogging pores. Rosehip oil stimulates collagen production to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Vitamin E prevents premature aging. Uplifting bergamot essential oil promotes clear skin. And geranium essential oil tightens skin and increases circulation. This fabulous organic serum is made of 100% natural and 99% organic ingredients. Your skin will thank you.

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Chia Seed Oil: A Nutrient Powerhouse for Mature Skin

Chia seeds aren’t just for spreading on pudding or sprinkling on yogurt parfaits anymore. This tiny superfood is the star ingredient in Face It serum, delivering a mega-dose of nutrients to nourish mature skin.

Chia seeds are loaded with antioxidants like quercetin and kaempferol that help prevent free radical damage, the leading cause of skin aging. They’re also packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which boost skin hydration and protect skin cell membranes.

The chia seed oil in Face It serum is cold-pressed to preserve all these skin-loving compounds. When applied topically, chia seed oil helps soften fine lines and wrinkles, strengthen skin barrier function, and improve skin elasticity. For those with breakout-prone skin, chia seed oil is non-comedogenic so it won’t clog pores.

Chia isn’t the only super-ingredient in Face It serum either. Safflower seed oil provides omega-6 fatty acids to further hydrate and soften skin. Rosehip oil is rich in vitamin C, which boosts collagen production and cell turnover. Vitamin E acts as a natural preservative while also protecting skin from environmental damage.

With this all-star lineup of 100% natural and organic ingredients, Face It serum delivers powerful anti-aging benefits without any of the toxic chemicals found in many commercial skincare products. For nourished, glowing skin at any age, this nutrient-packed serum is a must-have. Your skin will thank you!

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Safflower Seed Oil: A Source of Skin-Nourishing Omega-6 Fatty Acids

Safflower seed oil is a rich source of omega-6 fatty acids, which are essential for skin health and protecting your skin barrier. Omega-6 helps reduce inflammation in the skin and keeps skin moisturized from within.

For those with mature skin, safflower seed oil can help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Its fatty acids work to plump up skin cells and boost collagen production. The result? Firmer, smoother skin with a healthy glow.

If you struggle with breakouts, safflower seed oil may help clear your complexion. Its linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid, can help unclog pores and reduce blackheads. It also has antibacterial properties to fight the bacteria that lead to acne.

Using a facial oil with safflower seed oil, like Face It Organic Face Oil Serum, helps balance your skin and control oil production. While it may seem counterintuitive to add oil to oily skin, plant-based oils like safflower actually signal your skin to produce less of its own oil. Your skin realizes it has enough moisture and doesn’t need to go into overdrive.

Safflower seed oil is a versatile and skin-loving ingredient. Whether you want to smooth fine lines, clarify your complexion, or simply moisturize your skin, safflower seed oil delivers nourishing omega-6 fatty acids and antioxidant benefits for healthy, glowing skin. Add a few drops of Face It Organic Face Oil Serum to your daily skincare routine and see the difference for yourself. Your skin will thank you.

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Rosehip Oil: Stimulates Collagen Production and Cell Turnover

Rosehip oil is a key ingredient in Face It serum that helps stimulate collagen production and cell turnover in your skin. Collagen is a protein that gives skin its elasticity and firmness. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen, leading to wrinkles and sagging skin.

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Rosehip Oil Boosts Collagen

Rosehip oil is rich in vitamin C, a potent antioxidant that boosts collagen production. Vitamin C also helps protect skin cells from environmental damage that can age your skin. Rosehip oil absorbs quickly into the skin, where it goes to work stimulating the production of new collagen fibers and skin cells.

Regular use of rosehip oil can:

  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Firm and tighten skin.

  • Brighten skin tone and fade age spots or scars.

  • Hydrate skin and improve moisture retention.

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Exfoliates and Promotes Cell Turnover

Rosehip oil is also rich in vitamin A, also known as retinol. Retinol increases cell turnover by exfoliating the outer layer of dead skin cells. This reveals the fresh, new skin cells underneath and improves skin texture. Regular exfoliation with rosehip oil can:

  1. Smooth skin and reduce roughness.

  2. Minimize the appearance of pores.

  3. Give skin a healthy glow.

Using Face It serum with rosehip oil is a natural solution to boost collagen, exfoliate your skin, and promote a youthful complexion. Its nourishing and restorative properties are especially beneficial for mature and breakout-prone skin. With regular use, you'll notice significant anti-aging effects and an overall improvement in skin health.


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Vitamin E: A Potent Antioxidant That Fights Premature Aging

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant found in Face It serum that helps fight premature aging of the skin. As we age, free radicals accumulate in the body and skin, damaging cells and causing wrinkles. Antioxidants like vitamin E neutralize free radicals and protect skin cells.

Prevents Premature Aging

Vitamin E prevents premature aging of skin cells caused by sun exposure and pollution. It protects the lipids and fats in cell membranes from free radical damage, keeping skin supple and firm. Vitamin E also boosts collagen production, which gives skin its elasticity. With age, collagen breaks down, leading to wrinkles and sagging skin. By stimulating collagen synthesis, vitamin E helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


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Promotes Skin Healing

Vitamin E speeds up cell regeneration and promotes skin healing. It helps fade scars and stretch marks by stimulating new cell growth. Vitamin E also relieves dry skin and eczema by hydrating and softening skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce skin redness and irritation.

Works Synergistically

Vitamin E works synergistically with the other ingredients in Face It serum like rosehip oil, safflower oil and essential oils. Rosehip oil is also rich in antioxidants that boost collagen production. Safflower oil contains linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid that moisturizes and softens skin. The essential oils have antiseptic and skin-clearing properties. Together, these ingredients provide a potent solution for mature and breakout-prone skin.

Using Face It serum with vitamin E and other natural ingredients is an easy way to get softer, smoother and younger-looking skin. By protecting skin cells from damage, stimulating collagen production and speeding up cell turnover, vitamin E helps turn back the clock on aging skin. Your skin will thank you for providing this natural solution to keep it looking its healthy best.

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Essential Oils: Bergamot and Geranium for Clear, Tight Skin

The essential oils in Face It serum, bergamot and geranium, provide additional skin benefits for mature and breakout-prone skin.

Bergamot Oil: Promotes Clear Skin

Bergamot essential oil is extracted from the rind of bergamot oranges. It has natural antibacterial properties that can help prevent and clear up breakouts. Bergamot oil also helps balance oil production and tighten pores.

  • Reduces inflammation and redness from breakouts

  • Kills bacteria that can lead to acne

  • Brightens skin and improves tone

Geranium Oil: Tightens and Tones

Geranium essential oil comes from geranium plants and has a lovely rose-like scent. It is a natural astringent, meaning it causes skin tissues and pores to contract. This helps tighten skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

  1. Improves skin firmness and elasticity

  2. Minimizes the look of pores

  3. Increases circulation which provides more oxygen to skin cells

Using bergamot and geranium essential oils, Face It serum helps restore a youthful glow and clear complexion. The uplifting citrus aroma of bergamot is refreshing and helps reduce stress, which can also negatively impact skin. When used regularly, this potent yet gentle formula will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and revitalized.

The natural ingredients in Face It serum provide a holistic solution for aging and problem skin. Essential oils have been used for centuries to promote health, beauty and wellness. Combined with nutrient-rich carrier oils like chia seed, safflower and rosehip, this serum helps nourish your skin with the antioxidants and fatty acids it needs to function at its best. Your skin will thank you for this natural approach to self-care.


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So there you have it, a natural solution for your skin woes that actually works. With Face It Organic Face Oil Serum, you've got an all-star lineup of organic ingredients working together to give you a healthy, glowing complexion. Chia seed oil, safflower oil, rosehip oil, vitamin E, bergamot, and geranium come together to moisturize, tighten, brighten and clear your skin. Whether you're battling breakouts or fighting off fine lines, this serum has you covered. Best of all, you can feel good about what you're putting on your face since it's made of 100% natural and 99% organic ingredients. No harsh chemicals, parabens or mystery additives here. Just pure skin nutrition. What are you waiting for? Give your skin the natural boost it's been craving. Your face will thank you.

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True Organic of Sweden: 25% Off Organic Skincare for Summer

Hey there, skincare junkie! Have you heard the news? Your favorite organic Swedish skincare brand, True Organic of Sweden, is having a massive 25% off summer sale. You know what that means - time to stock up on all your must-have natural products before the warm weather hits.

We're talking about their cult-favorite Make My Day face cream with algica seaweed extract, the Sea Me mask that leaves your face and hair feeling as soft as silk, and all their other Scandi-inspired beauty goodies. True Organic of Sweden uses only the purest organic ingredients.

The sale only lasts for a limited time, so head to now and get 25% off your order. Your skin will thank you, and your wallet will too! This is one summer skincare deal you don't want to miss.

25% Off True Organic of Sweden's Award-Winning Skincare

Summer is here, and it's time to give your skin some TLC. Until June 11th , True Organic of Sweden is offering 25% off their award-winning organic skincare products. Now's your chance to try their bestsellers and save big.

  • Make My Day face cream with algae extract Algica is a lightweight moisturizer perfect for summer. It hydrates, brightens, and protects your skin from environmental damage. The algae extract is packed with vitamins and antioxidants to leave your skin fresh and glowing.

  • Can't decide between a face mask or hair mask? Get the best of both worlds with Sea Me mask. This 2-in-1 treatment detoxifies your skin and hair with nutrient-rich bladderwrack seaweed and coconut oil. Rinse it off after 15 minutes for soft, smooth skin and shiny, voluminous hair.



    There’s never been a better time to experience True Organic of Sweden's sustainable, cruelty-free products. Their 25% off summer sale runs until June 11th , so stock up now on clean skincare essentials for the whole family. Your skin and wallet will thank you!

Make My Day Cream With Algica Algae Complex

Summer is the perfect time to give your skin some extra TLC. For the next few months, True Organic of Sweden is offering 25% off their organic Make My Day face cream to help you do just that.

Formulated for normal to dry skin, Make My Day cream contains Algica, an algae complex harvested from the west coast of Sweden that is rich in amino acids, proteins, and vitamins. This powerhouse ingredient helps boost collagen production, smooth fine lines, and deeply hydrate your skin.

To use, simply apply a dime-sized amount to your face and neck after cleansing. Gently massage into your skin using small circular motions until fully absorbed. Use daily, morning and night. Within a week, you’ll notice your skin looks plumper, feels softer, and has a healthy glow.

The best part is this cream is made from 100% natural and organic ingredients, so you can feel good about what you’re putting on your skin. No parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances.

This is an incredible deal for an organic cream that delivers real results. Your skin will thank you for the extra moisture and protection this summer. So treat yourself to this Scandinavian skincare secret and enjoy the compliments on your fresh summer glow!

Sea Me Mask: For Face and Hair

Hydrate and Soften

The Sea Me mask is formulated with algae extracts, seaweed and marine minerals to deeply hydrate and soften both your face and hair. The algae Chlorella moisturizes and plumps up skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Seaweed extracts are rich in amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins that nourish hair and promote hair growth.


Strengthen and Volumize

Chlorella strengthens hair to reduce breakage and shedding. It also volumizes hair for a thicker, fuller look. On your face, the proteins tighten skin and diminish sagging. Your skin and hair will feel fortified yet silky smooth after using this mask.

  • Apply 1-2 times a week for 10-15 minutes

  • Gently massage into damp skin and hair, avoiding the eye area

  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water

  • Pat dry and follow with your regular skincare routine

The Sea Me mask is a skincare treat for your face and hair. Twice a week, set aside some me time to nourish your skin and strengthen your strands with the restorative power of the sea. Your radiant complexion and lustrous locks will thank you for it! For the best value, take advantage of the 25% off sale on all True Organic of Sweden products this summer.

More Summer Skincare Essentials 25% Off



True Organic of Sweden: 100% Natural and Organic Skincare

100% Natural and Organic Ingredients From Scandinavia

True Organic of Sweden creates premium organic skincare products using only the finest natural and organic ingredients. . Their products are free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, dyes, and other harsh chemicals. Instead, they harness the power of organic ingredients like:

  • Algica, an organic algae extract rich in amino acids, proteins, and vitamins. It's featured in their Make My Day face cream to hydrate, brighten, and protect skin.


Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

True Organic of Sweden believes in protecting the planet as much as your skin. The ingredients used are:

  • Certified organic by Ecocert, one of the world's leading organic certification organizations.

  • Vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated without synthetic preservatives.

  • Packaged in recyclable materials and printed with eco-friendly ink.

  • Never tested on animals.



So there you have it, your chance to stock up on some of the best organic skincare products for summer at a sweet discount. True Organic of Sweden is making it easy and affordable to nourish your skin with the purest ingredients nature has to offer. Their Make My Day cream with Algica algae extract will give your face a refreshing boost of hydration, while the Sea Me mask can rejuvenate your hair and skin after a day in the sun. For a limited time, you can save 25% on their entire product line. Summer may be fleeting, but healthy, glowing skin is forever. Take advantage of these savings to pamper yourself with the Scandi beauty secrets of True Organic of Sweden. Your skin will thank you for it!

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The secret to soft supple skin: Body buddy lotion- Summer SALE now on

The Secret to Soft, Supple Skin: Body Buddy Lotion

Have you ever wondered how some people always seem to have soft, smooth skin even in the dead of winter? Their secret is simple: Body Buddy lotion. This rich, hydrating lotion is infused with oat kernel oil, nature’s cure for dry, itchy skin. Just one application of Body Buddy in the morning will leave your skin feeling supple and moisturized all day and into the night. You’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.


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The Soothing Power of Oat Kernel Oil

If your skin is dry, itchy, and irritated, the secret to soft, supple skin may be as simple as Body Buddy lotion. This rich lotion is infused with oat kernel oil, which is naturally soothing and hydrating.

Oat kernel oil is gentle yet effective at relieving itchiness and irritation. It contains compounds called avenanthramides that have anti-inflammatory properties to calm redness. It's also packed with ceramides to help strengthen your skin barrier and lock in moisture.

To use Body Buddy lotion:

  • Apply it right after showering while your skin is still damp to seal in hydration. Massage it onto your body, especially any dry or itchy areas.
  • Use it every day, especially in dry winter weather. Keep a bottle on your nightstand and apply it before bed. Your skin will absorb it overnight, leaving you with soft, supple skin in the morning.
  • For extra dry and irritated skin, apply a thick layer of Body Buddy lotion and let it soak in for at least 30 minutes. The oat kernel oil and hydrating ingredients will have more time to soothe and moisturize your skin.
  • The simple, natural ingredients are non-irritating and safe for all skin types.

With regular use of Body Buddy lotion, your dry, itchy skin will be a thing of the past. Oat kernel oil and hydrating ingredients provide soothing relief and help strengthen your skin barrier for soft, supple skin day after day. Isn't your skin worth the investment in this secret weapon? Your skin will thank you.

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Body Buddy Lotion: Hydration That Lasts All Day

Body Buddy lotion is the secret to soft, supple skin that lasts all day. This rich, creamy lotion is infused with oat kernel oil, nature’s remedy for dry, itchy skin.

  • Oat kernel oil is extremely hydrating and soothing. It helps relieve irritation and moisturize deep within the skin. Your skin will feel instantly soothed and comforted.
  • The lotion is fast-absorbing but provides long-lasting hydration. Apply it in the morning and your skin will still feel silky smooth by nighttime. No need to reapply halfway through the day.
  • Body Buddy lotion is formulated for sensitive skin. It’s gentle enough for daily use and won’t irritate problem areas. The simple, natural ingredients are safe for all skin types.
  • A little goes a long way. This rich lotion spreads easily and a single bottle will last for months. It’s an affordable solution for hydrated, healthy skin.

With regular use of Body Buddy lotion, your skin will be soft, supple and hydrated. Dryness, itchiness and irritation will be a thing of the past. Isn’t it time you discovered the secret to skin that glows with health and comfort? Pamper your skin with the hydration it deserves. Body Buddy lotion—your skin’s new best friend.

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Antioxidants Galore: The Added Benefits of Body Buddy Lotion

Using Body Buddy lotion provides more than just soft, hydrated skin. This lotion is chock-full of antioxidants that provide additional health benefits. Antioxidants help neutralize free radicals, the unstable molecules that can damage your cells and contribute to aging and disease.

  • Oat kernel oil is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It helps calm irritation and redness, relieving itchiness and soothing sensitive skin. The avenanthramides in oats act as antioxidants, protecting your skin cells.
  • Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant that protects skin cell membranes from environmental damage. It helps strengthen the skin’s barrier and promotes skin healing.

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By using Body Buddy lotion daily, you’ll load your skin with antioxidants that protect, nourish and promote skin health from the inside out. Your skin will not only feel soft and supple but will get an added boost of defense against environmental stressors. The oat kernel oil calms irritation while the vitamin E and green tea extract provide anti-aging protection.

Who knew such a simple lotion could provide so many benefits? Body Buddy lotion is the secret to skin that’s soft, hydrated and healthy. Your skin will thank you for providing it antioxidants and nourishment each and every day with this rich, soothing lotion. Keep a bottle on hand—your skin deserves nothing less!

How to Use Body Buddy Lotion for the Softest Skin

To get the softest, most supple skin, using Body Buddy lotion regularly is key. This rich lotion is formulated with oat kernel oil, nature’s remedy for dry, itchy skin. Follow these steps to get skin that’s as soft as silk.

Apply After Bathing

The best time to apply Body Buddy lotion is right after bathing while your skin is still damp.

  • Gently pat yourself dry with a towel, leaving skin slightly moist.
  • Apply the lotion liberally, massaging it into your skin with gentle, circular motions.
  • Pay extra attention to dry, rough areas like elbows, knees, and heels.

summer sale now on at

Use Daily, Especially in Dry Weather

For the best results, use Body Buddy lotion daily, especially in cold or dry weather.

  • In the winter when humidity is low, you may need to apply it 2-3 times a day to keep skin hydrated.
  • Reapply anytime your skin feels tight or itchy for quick relief and softness.

Exfoliate for Even Softer Skin

To boost the softening effects of Body Buddy lotion, exfoliate your skin 1-2 times a week.

  • Use a scrub, loofah, or dry brush to remove dead skin cells.
  • Gently massage the exfoliant over your body, then rinse and pat dry.
  • Apply Body Buddy lotion immediately after to hydrate newly exposed skin.
  • Your skin will absorb the lotion even better after exfoliating, leaving it unbelievably soft and smooth.

Using Body Buddy lotion as directed, your skin will be touchably soft and supple in no time. Oat kernel oil, the key ingredient, is a natural anti-inflammatory that relieves dryness and itchiness. Pamper your skin daily with this rich lotion and you’ll love how soft and hydrated it feels. Soft, smooth skin—what could be better?

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Body Buddy Lotion

What is Body Buddy Lotion?

Body Buddy Lotion is an ultra-hydrating lotion made with oat kernel oil to soothe and relieve dry, itchy skin. Oats have been used for centuries to calm irritated skin, and this lotion harnesses the power of oats to moisturize your skin and stop the itch.

How do I use it?

Using Body Buddy Lotion is simple. Just apply it all over your body, especially after showering while your skin is still damp. Gently massage it into your skin until fully absorbed. For extra dry areas like your elbows, knees or feet, apply a bit more lotion and really work it in. Use it daily, especially in the winter, to keep your skin soft, smooth and hydrated.

What’s in it?

The key ingredient in Body Buddy Lotion is oat kernel oil, which is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and lipids that nourish and protect the skin. It also contains:


  • Vitamin E: A powerful antioxidant that promotes skin healing and protects against damage.

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Is it safe for sensitive skin?

Yes, Body Buddy Lotion is formulated for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It is free from harsh chemicals, parabens, phthalates, dyes and synthetic fragrances. The natural ingredients are non-irritating and soothing. However, as with any new product, do a patch test on your inner arm first to ensure you have no adverse reactions before applying all over. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.


So there you have it, the secret to soft, supple skin that lasts all day and night. Keep a bottle of Body Buddy lotion on hand for instant relief from dry, itchy skin. The natural ingredients like oat kernel oil work wonders to soothe and hydrate, leaving your skin feeling supple and rejuvenated. No more scratching at rough patches or waking up with tight, uncomfortable skin. Body Buddy lotion is your new best friend for hydrated, touchable skin that will make you do a double take in the mirror. What are you waiting for? Get your hands on a bottle today and say goodbye to dry skin for good. Your new soft, supple skin will thank you.

 Don’t miss out on the Summer SALE!

summer sale now on at

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The surprising benefits of intentional idleness

Relax and Do Nothing: The Surprising Benefits of Intentional Idleness


Ever feel like you just need a break to do absolutely nothing? Turns out science says you should give in to that urge more often. There’s a new movement gaining popularity that promotes intentional idleness - taking time to just be instead of constantly doing. The Dutch call it niksen, which means doing nothing of use. Sounds pretty great, right?

The idea is simple: take moments each day to let your mind wander without purpose or productivity. Put down your phone, step away from your to-do list, and just exist. While it may feel unnatural at first, niksen has some surprising benefits. Studies show it can help reduce stress and anxiety, boost creativity, and even improve your resistance to illness.

So next time you feel the urge to relax and do nothing, don’t feel guilty. Give in and reap the rewards of intentional idleness. Your mind and body will thank you.

Perfect time to use True organic of Sweden’s Sea me mask for face and hair

The Do Nothing Movement: Rest for Improved Productivity

The "Do Nothing Movement" is all about intentionally doing nothing for periods of time to reap the benefits of idleness. The idea is simple: take time each day to just be, without purpose or productivity. Let your mind wander where it will.

Proponents of this radical rest argue that constant busyness and excessive stimulation are damaging our well-being. By spending moments each day disengaged from the frenzy of life, we can lower anxiety and stress levels. Studies show that idle time enhances creativity and problem-solving abilities. Some of our greatest insights come when we stop actively searching for solutions.

To get started, set a timer for just 10-15 minutes a day of doing nothing. Find a quiet, distraction-free spot and make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes, relax and let your thoughts drift. Don't check your devices or do any chores. The time will pass quickly, so you may want to extend it over days or weeks as you get accustomed to purposeful idleness.

While it can feel unproductive or even uncomfortable at first, doing nothing has real benefits. It leads to improved focus, better memory, and increased resilience. Your idle mind can make unexpected connections that spark new ideas or reveal answers you've been searching for. Regular rest also strengthens your immune system, helping you avoid burnout and stay healthy during busy periods.

In our fast-paced, productivity-obsessed culture, doing nothing may be the most radical act of self-care. Build moments of rest into your daily routine and discover the surprising benefits of intentional idleness. Your mind and body will thank you.

How Doing Nothing Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Doing nothing on purpose can do wonders for your stress and anxiety levels. When you intentionally idle, your mind gets a chance to rest and recharge.

  • Your body's stress response deactivates. When you have unscheduled time, your heart rate and blood pressure decrease, stress hormones like cortisol drop, and your muscles relax. This gives your body and mind a break from the constant "fight or flight" mode.
  • Your mind wanders freely. Daydreaming and mind wandering activate the brain's default mode network, the part involved in self-reflection and imagination. This free flow of thoughts leads to increased creativity and insight.
  • You gain a new perspective. When you have time to simply "be" without an agenda, it allows for mindfulness and presence. This can help you gain a more balanced view of stressful situations and challenges in your life.
  • Your productivity and focus improve. Counterintuitively, idling and daydreaming make you better able to focus when you need to be productive. Your mind needs downtime to consolidate memories and process information.
  • You may get new ideas. The relaxed, idle mind is fertile ground for new insights and "aha moments". Many great thinkers, scientists, and artists throughout history have had breakthroughs during periods of intentional rest and daydreaming.

So do yourself a favor and schedule in some idle time. Put away your devices, find a cozy spot, and let your mind do whatever it wants to do. Your stress levels—and your health—will thank you.

Perfect time to use True organic of Sweden’s Sea me mask for face and hair


Strengthen Your Immune System by Relaxing

Take Time to Relax

Intentionally doing nothing and embracing idleness has surprising benefits for your health. When you give your mind and body time to rest, your stress levels decrease and your immune system gets a boost.

Taking short breaks to relax improves your body's ability to fight off illness. When you're stressed, your body produces cortisol and other hormones that can suppress your immune system. By relaxing, your body stops pumping out these hormones, allowing your immune cells to function properly again. Studies show that people who take time each day to unwind have fewer colds and recover faster when they do get sick.

  • Do light exercise like yoga or stretching
  • Read a book or magazine
  • Take a warm bath
  • Get a massage
  • Listen to calming music
  • Spend time with loved ones
  • Apply Sea me mask from True organic of Sweden on face , neck, décolletage and hair while relaxing

Whatever you find relaxing and rejuvenating, make time for it each day. Even just 15-20 minutes of downtime can help strengthen your immunity and overall health. Your mind and body will thank you.

When you embrace moments of leisure and let your mind rest, you'll likely feel less anxious and stressed. Your thoughts won't be racing, your muscles can unwind, and your breathing slows down. This state of relaxation has significant benefits for both your physical and mental well-being. Take time each day to do nothing at all - you deserve it and your health depends on it!

The Simple Act of Doing Nothing Has Mental Benefits

Doing nothing intentionally has significant mental benefits. Taking time to rest your mind allows it to recharge and renew itself. ###Reduced Anxiety

When your mind is idle, your anxiety levels decrease. Our minds are constantly processing information and worries, even when we don't realize it. Giving your mind a break from this constant stimulation calms your thoughts and eases anxiety. Sitting quietly without distractions gives your mind space to unwind and release any pent up stress or worry.

Improved Focus

Counterintuitively, rest increases your ability to focus. Idle time rejuvenates your mind and strengthens your attention span. When you return to an activity after a rest period, you'll find yourself more focused and productive. Your mind will be recharged and ready to work efficiently.

Increased Creativity

Idle minds are playgrounds for creativity. When your mind wanders freely, new neural connections are formed. These new connections lead to innovative ideas and "aha!" moments. Some of the most famous stories of creativity and problem-solving coming during moments of rest and daydreaming.

Better Memory

Downtime also boosts your memory. While resting, your mind consolidates and organizes memories. When your mind is overstimulated, it has trouble transferring short-term memories into long-term storage. Giving your mind a chance to pause allows it to cement the memories you've created throughout the day.

Doing nothing is an easy way to give your mind a break and reap big benefits. Even taking short periods of 5 or 10 minutes a day to sit quietly without distractions can help reduce your anxiety, improve your focus and creativity, and strengthen your memory. An idle mind really is a happy, healthy mind.


Perfect time to use True organic of Sweden’s Sea me mask for face and hair


FAQs About the Do Nothing Movement and Resting Idly

What exactly is the “Do Nothing Movement”?

The Do Nothing Movement is a new lifestyle trend promoting intentional idleness and inactivity. Followers take time each day to simply rest and do nothing of purpose. The idea is to give your mind a break from constant stimulation and let your thoughts wander freely.

Why is resting idle beneficial?

  • Reduces anxiety and stress. Spending time unoccupied calms the mind and body, decreasing levels of the stress hormone cortisol.
  • Boosts creativity. Idle time gives your mind space to make new connections, leading to those “aha!” moments of inspiration or insight.
  • Improves health. Resting helps recharge your body and mind, strengthening your immune system and resilience. Studies show people who take more leisure time tend to have lower rates of heart disease and live longer.

How do I practice the Do Nothing Movement?

It’s simple. Set aside time each day with no plans or scheduled activities. Find a comfortable spot, limit distractions, and do nothing in particular. Some ideas:

  • Sit outside in nature. Listen to the sounds around you and observe the little details.
  • Lie in bed awake. Let your thoughts drift and daydream.
  • Do a simple routine task like showering, brushing your teeth or making tea without rushing. Focus on the sensations and be fully present in the moment.


  • How long should I rest idle? Start with just 5 or 10 minutes a day and work your way up to 20-30 minutes as you get more comfortable.
  • What if I feel restless or bored? That’s normal. Stick with it and the discomfort will pass. Your mind and body need time to adjust to stillness.
  • Do I have to sit still the whole time? Not at all. Feel free to change positions, stretch or move around in a leisurely, unhurried way. The key is to avoid productivity or purpose.

The Do Nothing Movement reminds us that it’s okay to slow down, switch off and recharge. In our fast-paced world, making time to rest idle each day can be a radical act of self-care. Give your mind and body the gift of leisure—you deserve it!


So there you have it, doing nothing can be surprisingly good for you. While being constantly busy and productive is often seen as a virtue, taking time for intentional idleness is vital for your wellbeing. Giving your mind space to wander aimlessly helps reduce stress and boost your health. The next time you feel overwhelmed or burnt out, give yourself permission to relax and do nothing. Find a cozy spot, limit distractions, and just be. Your mind and body will thank you. Doing nothing might just be the most productive thing you can do.

Don’t miss out on the Hello summer SALE until June 11th 2023


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Shop now and save up to 25%!

Shop Now and Glow Later!

Get ready for the ultimate summer sale! True Organic of Sweden is offering a special promotion from June 1st to June 11th, where you can stock up on their finest organic skincare products. With True Organic of Sweden's commitment to using only the purest ingredients, you can be sure to get the best quality skincare products for your skin care needs. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity and experience the luxury of organic skincare!

Summer is here, and it’s time to stock up on the finest organic skincare from True Organic of Sweden. From June 1st to June 11th, enjoy incredible savings on all your favorite products from this renowned brand. Whether you’re looking for an all-natural moisturizer or a gentle cleanser, you can be sure that True Organic of Sweden has something for everyone. Don’t miss out on this amazing summer sale and get ready to pamper your skin with the best organic skincare!

Summer is here and True Organic of Sweden is celebrating with a special sale from June 1st to June 11th! Now is the perfect time to stock up on our luxurious organic skincare products. Our products are made with the finest organic ingredients for maximum effectiveness. And, as an added bonus, we are offering a 25% discount during this sale period. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to get the best in organic skincare at unbeatable prices. Shop now and get your summer glow!

Get ready for summer with True Organic of Sweden's Summer Sale! From June 1st to June 11th, True Organic of Sweden is offering a 25% discount on all their organic skincare products. This is the perfect opportunity to stock up on the finest organic ingredients, so you can look your best and feel your best this summer. Don't miss out on this amazing deal and shop now at True Organic of Sweden!

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Hello Summer! SALE

Hello Summer! SALE

Summer is finally here, and that means it's time to refresh your skincare routine! As the temperatures rise, your skin needs extra hydration and protection from the sun. Luckily, we're offering 25% off all our organic skincare products to welcome the new season. Stock up on our soothing Sea Me mask to rejuvenate your skin after a day at the beach. Can't live without our All You Need is Me balm? Get an extra one for your beach bag - it's perfect for soothing sunburns and keeping your lips hydrated. And don't forget our award-winning Body Buddy lotion to keep your skin soft and glowing all summer long. With natural ingredients and essential oils in every product, your skin will thank you. The summer sun is calling your name - make sure to care for your skin so you can enjoy every moment of this bright and cheerful season! Sale ends August 31st, so shop now to take advantage of the hot summer deals.

Sea Me Mask: An Organic Wash-Off Face Mask

Summer is here, and it's time to give your skin a refreshing boost! Our organic Sea Me Mask is just what you need. This wash-off face mask is packed with skin-loving ingredients like chlorella, spirulina, and sea kelp to detoxify, brighten, and hydrate.

You'll love how this mask leaves your skin feeling clean, soft, and glowing. The chlorella works to detoxify by drawing out impurities while feeding your skin with vitamins and minerals. Spirulina, a blue-green algae, helps reduce inflammation and brighten your complexion. Sea kelp is rich in nutrients that moisturize and soften skin.

To use, simply apply a thick layer to clean skin and let it work its magic for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse off with warm water, gently massaging your face as you wash it away. Your skin will feel fresh and rejuvenated! Use 1-2 times a week or whenever your skin needs an energizing pick-me-up.

With summer heat and sun exposure, it's essential to keep skin nourished. This mask is gentle yet effective, perfect for all skin types. The best part is, you'll see results instantly and continued improvements with regular use. Give your skin a break from harsh chemicals and treat it to the natural goodness of Sea Me Mask. Your skin will thank you!

Refresh, brighten, and glow this summer with our organic skincare essentials. At 25% off, you can't beat these deals - your skin deserves the best, so shop now before the sale ends!

All You Need Is Me Balm: The Organic 8-Hour Cream

Summer is here, and it's time to pamper your skin! Our organic All You Need Is Me balm is like a spa treatment in a jar. This magical multi-tasker will become your new best friend.

Packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients like olive oil, beeswax and vitamin E, this balm soothes and comforts wherever it's applied. Dry patches? Rough elbows? Minor cuts or scrapes? All You Need Is Me has got you covered.

Its rich, creamy texture melts into your skin, providing instant relief and long-lasting hydration. Free from synthetic fragrances, parabens, and phthalates, this balm is gentle enough for the whole family - even your furry friends! A little goes a long way, so one tube  will last you all season.

All You Need Is Me balm is the perfect companion for summer adventures. Toss it in your beach bag to moisturize sun-kissed skin or pack it in your camping kit for any outdoor emergencies. This multitasking miracle worker should be a staple in every household.

At 25% off, this is an incredible deal you don't want to miss. Stock up now.

Pamper yourself with All You Need Is Me balm. Your skin will thank you, and you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Summer is meant for relaxation, and this balm is a little luxury you absolutely deserve. Treat yourself - you won't regret it!

Face It Serum: A Luxurious Face Oil for Glowing Skin

A Luxurious Face Oil for Glowing Skin

You're going to absolutely adore our Face It Serum. This lightweight yet indulgent face oil is like a spa treatment in a bottle. Formulated with some of the finest organic ingredients, it leaves your skin feeling soft, supple and radiant..

To use, simply dispense 2-3 drops of Face It Serum onto your fingertips and gently massage into your face and neck. Let it soak in for a few minutes and then apply your usual moisturizer. Use morning and night after cleansing for maximum benefits. Your skin will drink it right up and be left feeling quenched yet featherlight.

The all-natural ingredients in Face It Serum are non-comedogenic, so they won’t clog pores. It’s suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone skin. The antioxidants and essential fatty acids provide anti-aging benefits to reduce signs of aging and keep your skin looking youthful.

With regular use, Face It Serum will leave your skin dewy, smooth and positively radiant. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without this little luxury in your skincare routine.

This summer, treat your skin to some serious TLC with Face It Serum. Your glow will be unstoppable!

Body Buddy Lotion: An Award-Winning Body Moisturizer

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to bare some skin! But before you head to the beach or pool, make sure your body is ready for its close-up with our award-winning Body Buddy Lotion. This lightweight yet ultra-hydrating lotion will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and glowing.

An All-Star Ingredient List

Body Buddy Lotion is packed with organic ingredients chosen for their nourishing and soothing properties.

Hydrate and Soften from Head to Toe

Don’t let the word “lotion” fool you—Body Buddy is rich enough to moisturize your entire body. Use it right after showering while your skin is still damp to lock in moisture. Pay extra attention to typically rough areas like elbows, knees and heels. Its fast-absorbing formula allows you to get dressed immediately without worrying about staining your clothes. . Either way, your skin will feel baby soft and smelling amazing.

An Award-Winning Formula

Body Buddy Lotion has received rave reviews and awards from customers and industry experts alike. . Reviewers praise its luxurious feel, natural ingredients and refreshing scent. Many say it has become their daily go-to for hydrating and pampering their skin.

This summer, give your body the TLC it deserves with Body Buddy Lotion. Your skin—and your beach body—will thank you! With an unbeatable combination of natural ingredients and affordable price, this award-winning lotion is a must-have for your skincare routine. Hello, soft summer skin!

Undercover Agent: An Organic Deodorant That Actually Works

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to bust out your favorite organic skincare products! But before you head outside, you’ll want to stock up on Undercover Agent—our all-natural deodorant that actually works.

Bye-Bye Body Odor

Undercover Agent uses baking soda and essential oils to neutralize odors and keep you smelling fresh all day long. No more worrying about embarrassing sweat stains or that not-so-pleasant aroma when you lift your arms. This deodorant goes on clear, so no white marks on your favorite black tank top either!

All-Natural Ingredients

You won’t find any harsh chemicals, parabens, or aluminum in Undercover Agent. And of course, baking soda is nature’s odor absorber. Your underarms will thank you for the all-natural ingredients!

Application is a Breeze

With Undercover Agent, you can enjoy your summer fun without worrying about body odor or harsh chemicals. Stock up now before summer really heats up!


So what are you waiting for? Summer is here, the sun is shining, and it's time to refresh your skincare routine. Treat yourself to luxurious organic products at an unbeatable price. Your skin will thank you, and you'll feel rejuvenated knowing you're using the highest quality ingredients nature has to offer. Hurry, this sale won't last long! Stock up on all your favorites like the Sea Me mask, All You Need is Me balm, Face It serum, Body Buddy lotion and Undercover Agent deodorant. At 25% off, you really can't afford to miss out. Summer is the season of adventure, so take a chance and discover your new favorite product. Your skin will be soft, smooth and glowing in no time. The only thing left to do is get outside and enjoy the sunshine! This is one sale you don't want to sleep through.


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Body buddy lotion best for dry itchy skin

Hey there, you skincare aficionado, you. Have I got a treat for you. True Organic of Sweden’s Body Buddy lotion is about to become your skin’s new best friend. Formulated with the finest organic ingredients from Sweden, this rich, luxurious lotion hydrates, softens and pampers your skin like nothing else. You’ll want to lavish yourself in its creamy, whipped texture daily. With notes of uplifting citrus essential oils, just one application transports you to a spa-like oasis. Your skin will drink in the hydration and rejuvenating effects of oat kernel oil, safflower oil and aloe vera. Say goodbye to dry, dull skin and hello to a daily ritual of indulgence. You deserve it. Your skin craves it. And now, with True Organic of Sweden’s Body Buddy lotion, you’ve found the perfect way to give your skin the TLC it’s been longing for.

Body Buddy Lotion: An Award-Winning Organic Skincare Product

With True Organic of Sweden's Body Buddy Lotion, you can indulge your skin with an award-winning organic skincare product. This luxurious lotion is designed to give your skin the nourishment and moisture it needs while also leaving it with a gorgeous glow and shine.

Formulated with certified organic ingredients, Body Buddy Lotion is designed to lock in moisture while keeping your skin hydrated all day long.

It’s no  wonder that Body Buddy Lotion continues to be a top pick for those looking for a luxurious organic skincare solution.

The Natural and Organic Ingredients in Body Buddy Lotion

If you're looking for a natural and organic body lotion that will nourish your skin, look no further than True Organic of Sweden’s Body Buddy Lotion. This lotion is made with a blend of carefully selected ingredients that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

One of the key ingredients in Body Buddy Lotion is Aloe Vera, which has been used for centuries to soothe and hydrate the skin. Oat Kernel Oil is another important ingredient, as it helps to moisturize and protect the skin from environmental stressors.

Vitamin E is also included in this formula, which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while protecting the skin from damage caused by free radicals. And Safflower Oil is used to help lock in moisture and improve skin texture.

But the benefits don't stop there! Bergamot Essential Oil is also included in Body Buddy Lotion for its conditioning properties. Not only does it smell amazing, but it can also improve the overall health of your skin.

If you're looking for a body lotion that's both natural and effective, look no further than True Organic of Sweden’s Body Buddy Lotion.

How Body Buddy Lotion Nourishes and Softens Your Skin

Are you tired of struggling with dry, dull skin? Look no further than True Organic of Sweden’s Body Buddy Lotion. This lotion is packed with nourishing ingredients that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Organic Ingredients

The Body Buddy Lotion is made with all organic ingredients. This means you're not putting any harsh chemicals on your skin, which can lead to irritation. Instead, you're getting a healthy dose of natural ingredients like oat kernel oil, safflower oil and aloe vera.

Soothing properties

In addition to hydration, the Body Buddy Lotion also has soothing properties that make it great for sensitive or irritated skin. Aloe vera has long been known for its calming effects on the skin, while oat kernel oil can help reduce inflammation and redness.

Overall, True Organic of Sweden’s Body Buddy Lotion is a must-have addition to your skincare routine if you want nourished, soft skin. With all organic ingredients and powerful hydration and soothing properties, it's truly a product you can feel good about using every day.

The ScandiBeauty Philosophy: Simplicity, Purity and Efficacy

Why Body Buddy Lotion Is a Cult Favorite Among Skincare Enthusiasts

Body Buddy lotion by True Organic of Sweden has become a cult favorite among skincare fans, and for good reason. This rich body cream nourishes your skin with the purest organic ingredients nature has to offer.

Certified organic ingredients

Body Buddy is made from over 81% certified organic ingredients, including oat kernel oil safflower oil, and aloe vera. These natural moisturizers hydrate your skin without the use of harsh chemicals, fragrances or parabens. The result is velvety soft skin and a light, natural scent.

Cruelty-free and eco-friendly

As an added bonus, Body Buddy is cruelty-free, vegan and made using sustainable practices. The lotion comes in recyclable packaging and is never tested on animals. By choosing Body Buddy, you can feel good knowing you're indulging your skin with a product that's also environmentally responsible.

A little goes a long way

While Body Buddy is rich in organic butters and oils, a little bit of this lotion goes a long way. . Despite the concentrated formula, Body Buddy absorbs quickly into skin without leaving behind a greasy feel. This makes it ideal for use any time of day or night.

With its high-quality, organic ingredients, cruelty-free ethos and rich moisturizing power, it’s no wonder Body Buddy lotion has become a cult favorite for skincare enthusiasts everywhere. Your skin will thank you for discovering this natural wonder product.

Where to Buy True Organic of Sweden's Body Buddy Lotion

Online retailers

The easiest way to purchase Body Buddy lotion is through True Organic's website or popular online retailers. Once you've got your hands on a tube of the Body Buddy lotion, you'll be well on your way to indulging your skin with a daily dose of organic hydration and nourishment.


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Undercover agent deodorant- Finally a natural deodorant that works

Undercover agent deodorant 
Have you ever wished you could find a natural deodorant that actually works? Well, search no more—True Organic of Sweden has created a deodorant that's not only all-natural, but also keeps you fresh and smell-free. It's called Undercover Agent, and it may just be the answer to your prayers.

We all want something we can feel good about putting on our skin. So why compromise on quality just because we're looking for a natural deodorant? After all, it's your body—you deserve the best! This is where Undercover Agent comes in.

This deodorant is made using only natural ingredients, so it won't harm your skin or the environment. Plus, the trusted formula is designed to keep you feeling fresh and odor-free throughout the day. From its carefully chosen ingredients to its eco-friendly packaging—Undercover Agent has got you covered! Keep reading to learn more about this revolutionary product from True Organic of Sweden.

Undercover Agent: An Award-Winning, Bestselling Natural Deodorant

Are you looking for a natural deodorant that truly works? Look no further—Undercover Agent by True Organic of Sweden has been hailed as one of the best deodorants on the market. This award-winning, bestselling natural deodorant is made from a solid molded lump of crystallized alum, a naturally mined mineral salt. It contains organic ingredients, free from synthetic aluminum and alcohol. Furthermore, Undercover Agent is 99% natural, with essential oil of rosewood and cypress blended for extra scent and long-lasting freshness.

Whether you're looking for an everyday deodorant or something that will stay with you during your most active days, Undercover Agent is here to answer the call. Thanks to its powerful ingredients and bacteria-fighting abilities, you can count on it to keep you fresh all day long. Invest in this natural deodorant today, and never worry about sweat or odor again!

Where to Buy Undercover Agent Natural Deodorant in Singapore

Are you looking for a natural deodorant that works? Look no further than Undercover Agent by True Organic of Sweden. Here's the best part: the ingredients are 99% natural, and free of aluminum salts and palm oil.

But where can you get it in Singapore? Luckily, Undercover Agent is available on, and also on Buying from these two trusted sources means that you can be sure of the authenticity of your product. Plus, you can save money with iHerb's Singapore free shipping option.

With Undercover Agent, you can trust that your skin will be safe; it's the perfect choice for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint at the same time as taking care of their body. Your search for a natural deodorant is over: check out Undercover Agent today!


All in all, True Organic of Sweden’s Undercover Agent deodorant is a must-have for anyone looking for a natural deodorant that actually works. Not only is it made with sustainable and planet-friendly ingredients, but it has also earned the recognition of being an award-winning bestseller. So, if you’re looking for a real, natural deodorant that can keep you fresh throughout the day, Undercover Agent is the perfect choice!

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Natural ingredients work in synergy for potent results

Natural ingredients work in synergy for more potent results.

How's your skin-care routine looking these days? If you're like many of us, you're probably stocking up on the latest products and trends—but have you considered how your ingredients are working together to give you your best skin ever?

You may have heard about the power of natural skincare ingredients, but what you may not know is that when these ingredients come together in synergy, they can make all the difference in giving you radiant skin. Natural ingredients offer a range of benefits that synthetic options simply cannot compete with, and they are also more eco-friendly. In this article, we'll dive into the power of natural skincare ingredients and how they work together for gorgeous results. True organic of Sweden only use natural ingredients that are working in synergy to make the products more powerful.

Why Natural Skincare Ingredients Are Better for Your Skin and the Planet

Here at True organic of Sweden we believe using natural ingredients to nourish and heal your skin can be more beneficial than opting for synthetic ones. Natural ingredients contain antioxidants, minerals, proteins, and vitamins that can soothe your skin and provide essential nutrition. Plants-based ingredients have also been found to help improve collagen production and reduce the signs of aging. Natural ingredients such as aloe vera, olive oil, and shea butter are some of the most common examples that are used in skincare products as they are known to be effective in calming inflamed skin. All those are in our multi award winning All you need is me balm.

As well as being better for your skin, natural skincare products are better for the planet too. The use of natural ingredients helps to reduce environmental pollution by avoiding unnecessary chemicals not only from our products but also from the production processes. Natural skincare also allows us to return to the basics, focusing on what we already have in nature instead of creating new synthetic alternatives. This allows us to prioritize natural ingredients and harness their power in synergy with each other rather than relying on artificial chemicals which may be potentially harmful.

How Natural Ingredients Work in Synergy for Potent Results

Ever wonder what makes a natural skincare formulation so powerful? The answer: synergy. When natural ingredients are combined correctly, they can create a positive reaction that is more effective than the sum of the parts.

For example, essential oils in combination with other natural extracts can create healing powers that one oil couldn't do alone. Natural oils and extracts have different components that react with each other to garner potent results.

Our formulators at True organic of Sweden use synergetic blends of natural ingredients, they can create a product with better results or faster impact—without relying on synthetic ingredients or chemicals to achieve those effects. Combining potent natural extracts not only helps address skin issues, it also builds the skin's immunity and improves overall health and well-being in the long run.

The Power of Antioxidants: Vitamin C and Vitamin E

It's no secret that Vitamin C is an important antioxidant for healthy skin. It helps to increase the production of collagen and prevent oxidative stress from environmental damage. But when it comes to natural skincare products, the power of Vitamin C is amplified when combined with other antioxidants like Vitamin E.

When these ingredients come together in synergy, they can protect lipid peroxidation, which makes them ideal for a range of skincare products. In fact, studies show that Vitamin C is believed to play an important role in the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases such as cancer.

At True organic of Sweden, we use antioxidants in all our products.


Hydrating and Soothing: Aloe Vera, Castor oil and Shea Butter

These days, you know it's important to take care of your skin, and when it comes to doing so naturally, there are some special ingredients that work together fantastically. Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter are three key wonders that have moisture-sealing, barrier-repairing properties and will keep your skin looking beautiful. These ingredients are in our All you need is me balm, the first product of True organic of Sweden.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an all-natural ingredient that can be used for sunburn relief and after sun repair. It’s packed with antioxidants like Vitamins A & C that help revitalize skin and make it more supple.

Castor Oil

Castor Oil is a natural replacement for the oil our skin produces. We want to help keep our skin hydrated and this oil can do just that—it penetrates deep into the layers of the dermis and gives us an added protection against irritants.

Shea Butter

Shea Butter is another natural ingredient which deeply hydrates and moisturizes skin. It also acts as a soothing agent for sensitive or inflamed skin—perfect if you often suffer from dryness or irritation!

You can find the All you need is me balm at


Essential Oils for Radiance: Bergamot, Geranium and Rosehip Oil

We can’t talk about natural skincare ingredients without talking about essential oils! Essential oils are incredibly powerful and have been used for centuries as part of skincare regimens. On the top of the list are lavender and frankincense oil, both have some wonderful benefits for your skin. These are all in our Face it serum at True organic of Sweden

Bergamot is acclaimed for its calming and soothing properties, which make it great for treating acne-prone skin. It also helps reduce wrinkles, promote even toned complexion and has anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, Bergamot smells lovely!

Geranium is anti-inflammatory and is great if you have aging skin. It helps reduce puffiness, while providing a firming, nourishing and radiant effect on your skin.

And another one that deserves a mention is rosehip oil—it’s often referred to as “the oil of youth” because it’s packed with antioxidants that help with fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots.

Using natural ingredients like essential oils in facial serums magnifies each ingredient’s power in synergy with one another. Not to mention that these natural ingredients are better for the planet too!

All of these are in our Face it serum at True organic of Sweden.

How to Choose Natural Skincare Products with Ingredients in Synergy

When choosing natural skincare products, it’s important to make sure that the ingredients work together in synergy. At True organic of Sweden selection of ingredients in our skincare products is as paramount, as combining ingredients that complement each other can create a more powerful and effective product.

For instance, Vitamin C and Vitamin E can protect against free radicals and improve collagen production when combined. Other natural ingredients like amino acids, peptides, and plant-derived oils can be helpful in nourishing your skin from the inside out.

When picking out products for your skincare routine, look for ingredients that enhance, balance, and support each other to truly maximize their efficacy. Consider how the combination of natural compounds will work together to help your skin achieve its optimum radiance. After all, the combination of certain active natural ingredients is what makes real magic happen!

You find Vitamin C and E in the ingredients in our Make my day cream at True organic of Sweden.


Now you know that natural ingredients in skincare work in synergy with each other to make these products more powerful than anything synthetic. Additionally, using natural and organic products protects the environment in addition to providing you with better results. For a truly radiant and healthy complexion, natural and organic skincare products are the way to go—they are better for you and the planet.

Think of the ingredients used in skincare products not as separate entities, but rather as a holistic, natural powerhouse that works to give you the best results possible. This means that it’s likely that a combination of natural ingredients is going to work more effectively than just one or two single ingredients. So, do your research on the natural skincare ingredients out there, and find the perfect combination that works for you.

At True organic of Sweden, we are so proud of our natural organic products that have ingredients that work in synergy with each other.

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