How to avoid yellow pit stains on your white shirts

Why You Should Ditch Your Antiperspirant for Natural Deodorant

For years, I used whatever antiperspirant was on sale at the drugstore without thinking twice. But then I started noticing those stubborn yellow stains under my arms that just wouldn't come out in the wash. A friend suggested switching to a natural deodorant to avoid the stains and harmful chemicals found in most antiperspirants. At first, I was skeptical that natural deodorant could keep me smelling fresh all day. So I created Undercover agent deodorant. A natural deodorant that actually works.

No more yellow stains

Undercover Agent is aluminum-free, so no more unsightly stains ruining favorite shirts. It uses natural ingredients like potassium alum, glycerin , bicarbonate soda and essential oils to keep me dry and odor-free.

Healthier alternative

Antiperspirants contain aluminum salts to block sweating, but there is concern this can be absorbed into the skin and bloodstream. Undercover Agent is a safer, more natural option. 

Effective and long-lasting

Don't think you have to sacrifice effectiveness for natural ingredients. Undercover Agent keeps me smelling fresh for 24 hours. I apply it after showering in the morning and don't worry about body odor for the rest of the day, even on hot summer days or during workouts.

The switch to natural deodorant does take some adjustment, as your body detoxes from the aluminum in antiperspirants. But after about two weeks, I found Undercover Agent worked even better than my old antiperspirant. My whites have never been whiter, and I have peace of mind knowing I'm using a healthier product. 

Aluminum Chloride in Antiperspirants Causes Yellow Pit Stains

As someone who values keeping whites stain-free, I was frustrated with the yellow marks constantly showing up under my arms. No matter how much bleach I used or how hot I washed the shirts, those stains just wouldn't budge. Then I learned the culprit behind these stubborn stains: the aluminum chloride in my antiperspirant.

Aluminum Salts React with Sweat

Antiperspirants contain aluminum salts like aluminum chloride that work by blocking sweat production. The problem is, these aluminum salts can react with sweat and stains to form those yellow marks. The higher the aluminum concentration in your antiperspirant, the more likely you are to end up with pit stains.

Make the Switch to Natural Deodorant

The solution is simple: ditch the antiperspirant and switch to an aluminum-free natural deodorant. Natural deodorants use ingredients like baking soda, essential oils and potassium alum to neutralize odors and keep you smelling fresh without blocking sweat. After creating Undercover agent at my skincare company, I never have those yellow stain problems anymore.

Other Benefits of Going Natural

On top of avoiding stains, natural deodorants have other benefits. They're gentler on skin and less likely to cause irritation. They're also better for the environment since they're free from harsh chemicals. If you've been struggling with pit stains, do yourself and your wardrobe a favor and make the switch to an all-natural deodorant. 

Fresh and Effective

While I was initially skeptical that a natural deodorant could keep me odor-free during busy days, Undercover Agent has proven very effective. The essential oils, especially the lemongrass and lavender scents, leave me smelling fresh for hours. . For an all-natural product, the performance has far exceeded my expectations.

Overall, Undercover Agent natural deodorant has been a game-changer for me. No more damaged clothes, harsh chemicals on my skin, or worrying about the effects of aluminum exposure. My search for an effective, natural solution ended as soon as I created this fantastic product for my skincare line If you’re looking to avoid underarm stains and make the switch to organic deodorant, I highly recommend giving Undercover Agent a try. 

Undercover Agent Comes in 4 Great Scents to Choose From

At True Organic of Sweden, our Undercover Agent deodorant is aluminum-free and comes in four fresh scents: original, lemongrass, lavender, and ylang-ylang.


The original scent is cypress essential oil For me, the original works great and keeps me feeling fresh all day.


If you prefer a citrus scent, the lemongrass deodorant is refreshing and energizing. Lemongrass essential oil has natural antibacterial properties and a clean, uplifting aroma. This deodorant leaves me smelling like I just walked out of an aromatherapy spa.


The lavender deodorant is calming and soothing. Lavender essential oil is known for its relaxing scent and ability to relieve stress. If you like the aroma of fresh lavender, this deodorant will make you feel peaceful and content all day long.


The ylang-ylang deodorant has a sweet, floral fragrance from ylang-ylang essential oil. Ylang-ylang is said to boost mood and ease anxiety, giving you an overall sense of well-being. This deodorant makes me happy and more confident, all while keeping odor and stains away.

With four natural scents to choose from, Undercover Agent deodorant by True Organic of Sweden is an aluminum chloride -free solution to prevent yellow stains and keep your whites white. No more ruined t-shirts or irritated underarms for me!

More Reasons to Make the Switch to Natural Deodorant

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Standard antiperspirants contain aluminum salts and parabens, which can be irritating and may have long term health risks. I was tired of subjecting my underarms to these harsh chemicals and wanted a natural alternative. Undercover Agent deodorant is aluminum-free, paraben-free, and contains gentle ingredients 

Prevent Yellow Stains

Those embarrassing yellow stains under my arms were caused by the aluminum chloride in regular deodorants reacting with my sweat. Since switching to Undercover Agent, I haven’t had a single new yellow stain. The natural ingredients don’t interact with sweat the same way, keeping my clothes stain-free. Stay Fresh All Day

I was skeptical that a natural deodorant could keep me feeling fresh, especially on hot summer days or during exercise. Undercover Agent has proven me wrong. The essential oils create a light, natural scent that lasts for 24 hours. Even after a workout, I stay odor-free. For extra hot days, I just reapply another swipe of deodorant. 

Do Your Part for the Environment

By choosing an all-natural deodorant in recyclable packaging, we are reducing our environmental impact. Undercover Agent deodorant comes in a glass bottle that can be recycled indefinitely. The ingredients are also sustainably and ethically sourced.

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