Organic Sea me mask for firmer skin

Our hero ingredient in the Sea me mask is Chlorella Vulgaris extract. It’s an algae derived ingredient that is soothing and hydrating. It’s rich in antioxidant compounds that help protect skin from environmental stressors. Chlorella is a strong skin healer and can make skin stronger, firmer, tighter and more elastic. Sea me mask is a Cinderella mask, unfairly the younger you are the more visible the difference 🤷‍♀️
Remember to keep skin, hair and scalp a little bit damp so Sea me mask can absorb better 😊

Recent studies show that chlorella extract tightens skin and increases firmness because it’s acting as a buffer between the skin's many layers. There are high levels of vitamins and minerals in Chlorella that stimulate the cells to reproduce at a faster rate. This means that it can repair dermal damage and leave a healthier, younger-looking complexion.

The algae is packed with B vitamins, magnesium and zinc. This may help calm inflammation in the skin and promote a healthy performance. 

More about Chlorella 

Chlorella is rich in beneficial minerals, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. In fact, Chlorella contains virtually every mineral found in the ocean - a concentration nearly identical to the minerals found in human blood. Chlorella has a wonderful effect on any skin type. In particular, it is recommended for mature skin. This plant has regenerative properties which remove dead skin cells and skin becomes fresh and taut. At the same time it possesses a smoothening and tightening effect and it is visible on flabby and sluggish skin.

Chlorella benefits: 

  • restores moisture levels
  • revitalizes and firms the skin
  • nourishes
  • oxygenate and detoxifies the skin
  • reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • balances
  • hydrates
  • cell generating
  • purifying
  • re-mineralizes
  • absorbs easily
  • improves skin texture and tone
  • cleanses
  • soothes
  • slows skin aging
  • protects from environmental elements
  • contains antioxidants and beta-carotene

Teenagers can also benefit from Sea me mask as it’s perfect for acne prone skin.

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