The gut - skin connection . Did you know that the bacteria and other microorganisms living in our digestive system actually have an effect on our skin?

Our gut microbiome, which is all the microbes in our stomach and intestines, plays an important role in things like acne, eczema, and other skin conditions. Basically, there's a two-way communication between the bacteria on our skin and the bacteria in our gut. So if the balance of microbes is off in one place, it can negatively impact the other.

One thing that's really important for a healthy gut microbiome is getting enough fiber in your diet. Fiber feeds the good bacteria in our stomach. But foods high in sugar aren't so great, as sugar can reduce the numbers of beneficial bacteria. To improve gut health, eat more high-fiber foods like potatoes with the skin on, whole grains, fruits and veggies, beans, nuts, seeds, and pulses. These are all excellent sources of fiber that can help the good bacteria in our gut thrive.

Fermented foods may also help strengthen your gut microbes. Increase your intake of kefir, plain yogurt, certain aged cheeses, fermented vegetables, gluten free tempeh, refrigerated miso etc.

Pretty fascinating how everything is so connected in our bodies.

So it’s not just the organic skincare products we apply on top of our skin, it’s also what we put into our bodies that determines skin health. Organic means that the crop has not been sprayed with pesticides. At True organic of Sweden we support and encourage organic skincare and organic foods 

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