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Hey there, skincare junkie. When's the last time you actually read the ingredient list on the back of your powder, eyeshadow or blush? Chances are talc is high up on the list. Talc is great for absorbing moisture and oil, giving you that silky smooth feel. But here's the thing - talc is a natural mineral and it's always found right next to asbestos. Yep, asbestos, the known carcinogen. When talc is mined from the earth to be used in your cosmetics, asbestos fibers get disturbed and contaminate the talc. This means your fave makeup and skincare products likely contain asbestos too. Scary, right? The cosmetics industry isn't required to test for asbestos and doesn't have to report contamination. Think your products are safe just because they're natural or organic? Think again. The truth is, you just don't know what's in them.

The Hidden Danger in Your Skincare: Asbestos Contaminated Talc

You probably don’t think twice about the ingredients in your daily skincare and makeup. After all, if it’s sold in stores, it must be safe, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Many popular cosmetic products contain talc, a mineral that’s often contaminated with asbestos, a known carcinogen.

Talc, a soft mineral used as a filler and absorbent in cosmetics, is frequently mined from sites that also contain asbestos. As a result, talc products can easily become tainted with asbestos fibers during the mining process. Several studies have found asbestos in makeup, baby powder, and other talc-based cosmetics. Yet astonishingly, cosmetic companies are not required to test for asbestos contamination or report levels to regulatory agencies.

The dangers of asbestos exposure

Asbestos exposure is dangerous and can cause life-threatening diseases like mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis. Because cosmetic talc particles are so small, they can be easily inhaled and accumulate in the lungs. Frequent, long-term use of talc powders and makeup may significantly increase your risk of asbestos-related disease over time.

Choose organic skincare

The only way to truly avoid asbestos in your cosmetics is to choose products made with organic, naturally-sourced ingredients. Organic skincare is produced without the use of toxic chemicals and synthetics, so you can feel confident you’re avoiding unsafe fillers like talc. When shopping for new skincare or makeup, check the ingredient lists and look for Organic ingredients to ensure the highest organic standards.

Your health and safety should be top priority. Don’t take risks with products that could contain carcinogens like asbestos. Make the switch to organic skincare today for natural, worry-free beauty. Your skin and lungs will thank you.

Let’s talk about talc in skincare. It is widely used in skincare and cosmetics for its absorbing properties and transparency. It gives a soft and silky finish to the skin.  Talcum powder is made of talc, a natural mineral always found  near asbestos. When talc is mined for use in cosmetics, asbestos fibers may be disturbed. As a result, talc products can be contaminated with asbestos.  This is not regulated and if you use skincare and cosmetics with talc in the ingredient list, this product most probably also contains asbestos.
At True organic of Sweden we never accept ingredients that are “probably not harmful” 
We do the gatekeeping for you 


So there you have it, the harsh truth about talc and asbestos in skincare and cosmetics. As much as we all want to believe products on store shelves are safe and regulated, the reality is quite different. While talc itself may be considered safe in small doses, it's nearly impossible to mine without disturbing asbestos in the process. And we all know asbestos causes cancer. The next time you're shopping for skincare or makeup, do yourself a favor and check the ingredient list. If you see talc, put it back on the shelf - your health and safety should be worth more than any product. You only get one life, so choose wisely what you put on your skin. And if you want peace of mind that your products are 100% safe and asbestos-free, you know where to find us. True organic of Sweden We've got your back so you can glow with confidence.

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