True Organic of Sweden's Commitment to Sustainable Skincare

True Organic of Sweden's Sustainability Philosophy

As the founder of True Organic of Sweden, I believe that organic and natural skincare products should be sustainable and eco-friendly.

My vision is to provide high-quality skincare products made from organic ingredients and natural extracts that are responsibly and ethically sourced. We choose suppliers and manufacturers that employ sustainable practices and reduce their environmental impact. ###Our Commitment

We are committed to using organic and natural ingredients certified to the highest standards whenever possible. Our products contain no harmful chemicals, and we avoid using plastics in our packaging. Instead, we use glass, aluminum and sugarcane tubes that are fully recyclable.

We strive to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible in all areas of our business.

From farm to face, we follow sustainable practices. We source ingredients from organic farms that employ renewable energy and water conservation. Our products are manufactured in a facilities that reuses and recycles resources efficiently.

We believe that together, through mindful choices and eco-friendly actions, we can build a healthier planet. Our hope is that True Organic of Sweden inspires you to make sustainable skincare and lifestyle choices that are gentler on the earth. By choosing our organic and natural skincare products, you are supporting sustainable practices and our shared vision of an ethical, eco-friendly future.

How True Organic of Sweden Uses Planet-Friendly Ingredients

We at True Organic of Sweden believe that skincare products should nourish your skin without harming the planet. That’s why we go the extra mile to source organic, eco-friendly ingredients and sustainable packaging for all our products.

Sustainable Ingredients

When formulating our products, we choose ingredients that are organic, natural, and sustainably harvested. We work with farmers who use organic growing practices and fair trade principles. We also avoid using any ingredients that are known environmental pollutants.

Minimal and Recyclable Packaging

Our products come in recyclable glass bottles or sugarcane tubes - not plastic. Glass and sugarcane are natural, sustainable materials that won’t contaminate the product inside or pollute the environment. We’ve also worked to minimize overall packaging, so there’s less waste for our customers and less trash for landfills.

Environmentally-Conscious Production

We choose manufacturing partners who share our commitment to sustainability. They utilize water conservation methods, renewable energy sources like solar power, and eco-friendly transportation and shipping practices. They also properly dispose of any industrial waste and byproducts to avoid pollution.

By being mindful of how we source our ingredients, the materials we use for packaging, and the practices of our production partners, True Organic of Sweden is able to create skincare products that nourish your skin as well as the planet. Our goal is to prove that you don’t have to choose between quality skincare and environmental sustainability. With our products, you can have the best of both worlds.

Sustainable Packaging - Sugarcane Tubes and Glass vs Plastic

As a brand committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, we knew that the packaging used for our products was just as important as the ingredients inside. ### Sugarcane tubes

When we launched True Organic of Sweden, we made the decision to use sugarcane tubes instead of plastic for our creams and lotions. Sugarcane is a renewable resource that biodegrades naturally. By using plant-based sugarcane tubes, we ensure that our packaging does not end up polluting the environment or oceans.

Glass containers

For our serums and oils we opted to use glass containers rather than plastic. Glass is inert, meaning no chemicals can leach into the products. It is also fully recyclable and can be reused many times. Although glass increases the weight of our products and costs more to produce, we feel it is an important part of our commitment to sustainability.

By choosing sustainable and eco-friendly materials for our product packaging, we are able to create skincare that is not only healthy for your skin but also healthy for the planet. Our goal is to become a zero-waste company, and using materials like sugarcane tubes and glass containers is an important first step towards achieving that goal. We hope that other brands in the skincare industry will follow suit and make sustainability a priority in their business practices as well. Together, we can all work to reduce plastic pollution and create a greener future for our planet.

Water Conservation in Manufacturing Processes

As a brand, we’re committed to sustainable practices throughout our supply chain. This includes how our manufacturing partners source and utilize water. ###Reducing Water Usage

The skincare industry traditionally requires a high volume of water for formulation and production. We chose manufacturing partners who implement innovative methods to curb water usage, such as closed-loop systems that recycle water and reduce waste. Our partners also utilize precision water-metering systems to minimize excess water flow.

Responsible Water Sourcing

In addition to reducing overall water consumption, we ensure that any water used is sourced responsibly. Our manufacturing partners only draw water from sustainable aquifers and watersheds. They avoid overusing local water resources or depleting community water supplies.

Proper Wastewater Treatment

Finally, we require that all wastewater from the production of our products is properly treated before being discharged. Our manufacturing partners utilize on-site wastewater treatment facilities that remove any impurities or byproducts before the water re-enters the local water system. This helps avoid pollution and protects local waterways.

By choosing manufacturing partners who prioritize water conservation and responsibility, we're able to create high-quality organic skincare products in an environmentally sustainable way. Reducing excess water usage, sustainably sourcing any water required, and properly treating all wastewater are values that are important to our brand and consumers. We're proud to be supporting innovative solutions for water preservation within our industry.

True Organic of Sweden's Commitment to Environmentally-Conscious Skincare

At True Organic of Sweden, we believe that sustainability and environmental consciousness should be at the core of any skincare brand. For us, this means using organic and natural ingredients that are gentle on the planet.

Sustainable Ingredients

We source ingredients that are grown using organic farming methods, without the use of toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers that can pollute the air, water and soil. Many of our ingredients are plant-based, renewable and biodegradable. We also avoid ingredients like microplastics that can threaten marine life.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our products come in sustainable sugarcane tubes and glass bottles, not plastic. Plastic packaging often ends up in landfills or the ocean, harming the environment. We want to ensure that our packaging is as earth-friendly as the ingredients inside.

Responsible Manufacturing

We choose manufacturing partners who share our vision for sustainability. They utilize methods like water conservation, waste reduction, and renewable energy to minimize their environmental footprint. We aim to create products with the highest percentage of organic ingredients possible to meet strict standards while remaining planet-friendly.

Continuous Improvement

As a company, we are continuously evaluating ways to strengthen our sustainable practices and set new environmental goals. We are dedicated to transparency and welcome customer feedback on how we can improve. Our mission is to provide high-quality, organic skincare products that nourish your skin as naturally as possible while also nourishing the planet. Together, we can work to reduce waste, combat pollution, and build a greener future for generations to come.

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