Why and how to switch to a natural deodorant

Have you thought about trying a natural deodorant?

Making the switch may mean some adjustments at first. Natural deodorants prevent odor in a different way. Instead of blocking your pores like antiperspirants, they balance your pH and use bacteria-fighting ingredients to suppress odor-causing bacteria. This means you may sweat a bit more at first. But stick with it, your body will adjust over a few weeks.

Start by washing your armpits to rid them of aluminum residue and kill any remaining odor-causing bacteria. Let your armpits air dry completely before applying your natural deodorant.

Our bestselling Undercover agent natural deodorant uses potassium alum to balance pH levels and control bacteria. Essential oils like cypress and lemongrass have antibacterial properties to help eliminate odor. Citric acid from lemon helps deodorize.

Apply your natural deodorant generously to freshly washed, dry underarms. Reapply after working out or during the day as needed. You may need to reapply more frequently at first until your body adjusts.

Switching to a natural deodorant takes some patience. Expect a few stinky weeks as your body gets used to the change. But by eliminating aluminum chloride and other harsh chemicals, you'll be giving your body a break and reducing your toxin exposure long term. Stick with it, and soon you'll wonder how you ever wore antiperspirant before.

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