Why True Organic of Sweden Uses Only Pure organic Essential Oils

The Power of Pure Essential Oils

Calming and Uplifting

The scents of essential oils have a direct effect on your limbic system, the part of your brain that regulates emotions and memories. Certain oils like lavender, bergamot and frankincense have calming properties that can lower anxiety and stress. Oils such as grapefruit, lemon and peppermint have uplifting effects that boost your mood and alertness.

Natural Remedies

Essential oils have been used for centuries as natural remedies for various ailments. Tea tree oil acts as an antiseptic for minor cuts and acne. Peppermint oil helps relieve headaches and digestive issues. Lavender oil helps heal minor burns, reduces inflammation and promotes sleep. Oils such as oregano, basil, rosemary and thyme have antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Improve Your Wellbeing

Adding a few drops of essential oil to a diffuser is an easy way to enhance your wellbeing. Diffusing calming oils like lavender in your bedroom at night helps you sleep better. Having an uplifting oil like grapefruit or lemon in your workspace boosts concentration and productivity. Using a blend of oils for respiratory health in a diffuser can help you breathe easier. The possibilities are endless.

Highly Concentrated

Essential oils are highly concentrated, so you only need a few drops to experience the benefits. Always follow the usage recommendations and dilute oils properly in a carrier oil before applying to your skin. Never ingest essential oils unless under the guidance of a certified aromatherapist. When used properly, these natural oils are a safe and effective way to improve your health and wellbeing. Discover the power of pure essential oils and welcome to a more natural you!

Why True Organic of Sweden Uses Only Organic Essential Oils

Pure and Potent

True Organic of Sweden uses only the purest organic essential oils in our products because we believe in their power to positively impact your health and wellbeing. Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts, distilled from leaves, flowers, bark and roots. The distillation process yields a potent oil that retains the natural chemicals and therapeutic properties of the plant.

Natural Stress Relief

Essential oils like lavender, bergamot and ylang-ylang have calming and uplifting properties that can help reduce stress and anxiety. Diffusing essential oils or applying diluted oils topically are popular ways to experience these benefits. Inhaling the scent of essential oils sends signals to your limbic system, the part of your brain responsible for emotions and memory. This can have immediate effects on your physiological and psychological state.

Safe and Effective

Synthetic fragrances made from artificial chemicals can be irritating and even toxic. Organic essential oils, on the other hand, are all-natural and safe for most people when properly diluted and used as directed. By using only organic essential oils, True Organic of Sweden products provide safe and natural solutions for wellness and personal care.

Our commitment to organic essential oils reflects our philosophy of creating the purest, highest quality natural products to support health, beauty and wellbeing. Experience the difference organic essential oils can make in your daily life.

The Benefits of Using Organic Essential Oils vs. Synthetic Perfumes

Essential oils extracted from organic plants offer some amazing benefits over synthetic perfumes.

Natural healing properties

Organic essential oils contain natural compounds that can help reduce inflammation, ease pain, improve circulation and even lift your mood. For example, lavender oil is known for its calming and stress-relieving effects. Peppermint oil can help boost alertness and concentration. These healing properties are lost when plants are grown with pesticides and chemicals.

Environmentally friendly

Organic farming is better for the environment. It helps protect water quality, reduces pollution, and promotes biodiversity. By using essential oils made from organic plants, you're supporting sustainable agricultural practices that don't harm the planet.

Higher quality

Organic plants are grown in soil that is rich in nutrients. This results in essential oils that are more potent and concentrated. The oils have a more vibrant aroma and color. They also tend to have a longer shelf life. In contrast, essential oils made from conventional plants may be diluted or contaminated during processing.

Avoid toxins

Conventional plants are often sprayed with toxic pesticides and herbicides that can be harmful to your health. These chemicals are not used on organic crops. Choosing organic essential oils ensures you're not applying these toxic substances directly to your skin or breathing them in. Your health and safety should be the top priority.

Using pure, organic essential oils is the only way to gain all the benefits that these natural plant extracts have to offer. While synthetic perfumes may seem more convenient, they simply can't compare to the quality, purity and healing power of organic essential oils. 

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