Why We at Trueorganicofsweden.com Go Organic to Avoid (PFAS)Forever Chemicals

What Are Forever Chemicals (PFAS) and Why Should We Avoid Them?

As the team behind trueorganicofsweden.com, we are extremely concerned about the usage of pesticides containing per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), commonly known as “forever chemicals.” These man-made compounds are found in many pesticides used on conventional produce today.

Persistent Pollutants

PFAS do not break down naturally in the environment or our bodies. They accumulate over time and have been detected in soil, water, air, and the bloodstreams of humans and wildlife around the globe. Due to their minuscule size, PFAS easily enter our cells and tissues, building up to dangerous levels that threaten our health and the health of future generations.

Serious Health Risks

Studies have linked exposure to PFAS to cancer, liver damage, infertility, and developmental issues in children. The widespread use of PFAS-containing pesticides means most people have been exposed to some level of these toxic chemicals. Conventional produce can be a major source, with PFAS found in 20% of EU-grown fruit and 12% of vegetables.

The Need for Stricter Regulations

We believe PFAS should be banned in pesticides and other consumer products. In the meantime, choosing organic produce, skincare, and other goods made without these “forever chemicals” is one of the best ways to limit exposure. Our products use only organic and sustainably-sourced ingredients to avoid PFAS and other harmful substances. By supporting organic companies, together we can create a healthier future for all.

How Forever Chemicals Like PFAS End Up in Our Food

As advocates for organic skincare and sustainability, we at Trueorganicofsweden.com are deeply troubled that dangerous chemicals like PFAS end up in our food supply. Through various means, these toxic “forever chemicals” make their way into the environment and contaminate the food we eat.

PFAS are used in many products we use daily, from nonstick cookware to waterproof clothing.When these items end up in landfills, the chemicals leach into the soil and water, spreading far and wide. ###PFAS have been found in drinking water across the globe, as well as in food sources like fish, meat, and produce. While regulations aim to limit PFAS in consumer goods, their widespread use and persistence mean they continue to appear in our water and food.

Another source is the use of PFAS in pesticides and food packaging. Shockingly, PFAS pesticides are sprayed directly onto food crops, contaminating them before they even leave the field. PFAS used in food containers and wrappers also migrate into the food they contact. These intentional uses of forever chemicals are unacceptable and should be banned.

As proponents of clean, sustainable living, we believe PFAS have no place in our food system or environment. By choosing organic produce and products, supporting companies that avoid toxic chemicals, and advocating for stricter regulations, we can work together to eliminate these dangerous pollutants from our lives. Our health and the health of future generations depend on it.

Why Trueorganicofsweden.com Uses Organic Ingredients and Sustainable Packaging

As the team behind Trueorganicofsweden.com, we are deeply concerned about the effects of "forever chemicals" like PFAS in our environment. These toxic pesticides are sprayed directly on much of the food supply and have been linked to cancer, thyroid disease, and other health issues. Although regulations aim to limit exposure, PFAS can still be found in one-fifth of European fruits and vegetables.

For us, this is unacceptable. We believe that what we put on our skin should be as safe and natural as possible. This is why we go the extra mile to source certified organic ingredients for our skincare products. We want our customers to feel confident that our moisturizers, serums and cleansers contain no harmful chemicals.

We also care about sustainability. Rather than using plastic containers that end up in landfills and pollute the planet, we package our products in eco-friendly sugarcane tubes. These naturally biodegradable tubes are durable yet decompose back into the earth. As a company, we strive to reduce waste and take a stand against single-use plastics.

Using organic ingredients and sustainable packaging is one way we do our part to limit the spread of forever chemicals. We stand behind a complete ban on PFAS and will continue advocating for stricter regulations on these dangerous pesticides. Our hope is that together, we can make a greener, healthier future for ourselves and generations to come.

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