Antipollution means anti-aging

Antipollution means anti-aging

Antipollution = anti-aging

You may have heard the term antipollution being used more frequently about skincare and makeup over the past few years. But what does it actually mean? If you are living or working in a city you can’t help but notice the dust in the street coloring everything grey. You may not notice that the air smells bad if you breathe the polluted air every day. Then when you visit the countryside, the air smells so good you know that you have been in a polluted environment. What is this pollution doing to our skin? There is a great deal of interest in the subject and a lot of emerging scientific research is being done. Toxic air has been linked to premature aging, accelerating wrinkles and age spots. The small particles enter through our pores. If you are not in the city, it doesn’t help being nearby as the particles are spread by the wind. That’s why we see more and more antipollution products on the market. Traffic pollution is emerging as the single most toxic substance for our skin. We were delighted to hear that Algica, an algae that is one of the active ingredients in our Make my day cream has been cleared as an antipollution substance after clinical studies.

Algica, together with Vitamin E, also an antipollution protector in Make my day cream makes it an effective pollution shield.

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