Sustainability & Our products

We manufacture our skincare with certified organic ingredients and are members of Natural Organic Cosmetics (NOC) Sweden.

Natural Organic Cosmetics - Sweden

Our products have very high level of certified organic ingredientsMuch higher amount than many certified products, which can have as low amount as only 5-10% organic ingredients.

We could certify our products but all that would change would be a little stamp on the packaging. Plus, because the certification associations charge enormous fees, we would have to put the prices up, with the result that you the consumer, have  to pay for that little stamp.

Animal testing

None of our products are tested on animals! - We are strongly against animal testing.

We test our products on ourselves, family and friends. In some cases,  like All you need is me,  even taste test it.

The products Face It and Undercover Agent are completely Vegan!



While we are at it, and there is a platform. We would also like to add that nobody looks good wearing a corpse of a dead animal. The animals are bred or caught and killed in extreme cruelty. Say no to fur.

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