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5 Best Organic Ingredients for Face Washes

Cleansing your face with organic ingredients ensures that you are not using harmful chemicals or formulas that could eventually cause damage to your face.

As the skin acts and transforms depending on what it is exposed to, it is necessary only to use cleansers that won’t cause any harm. The use of chemical-rich cleaners eventually causesunwanted damage that could leave your skin fragile to external factor or just looking awful.

What’s even more important, a natural cleanser with organic ingredients will also provide the same advantages any traditional or artificial product will. So while you’re getting something safe and much more affordable, you’re also getting something that works really well.

If you’re looking to have the best organic face washer and want to make your own with natural ingredients, then this article and will come of great help. Keep scrolling to find out about the ideal organic ingredients for face washes!

1. Lavender

Lavender is one of the most widely used organic ingredients in beauty products. From the scent it leaves on colognes and creams, to the fantastic effect it has on the skin – lavender is a must-have component if you are a DIYer for beauty items.

The oil from lavender tends to come from the purple flowers of the lavender plant. This plant is small but pretty rich in fragrance, which means it contains strong natural chemicals that have a wide array of benefits on humans.

The first advantage is aromatherapy. Lavender helps to produce a calming feeling on the skin and on the nose. This tends to be a common feature of many beauty products today, and lavender makes sure it works really well.

The second benefit is the composition of stress-releasing chemicals such as linalool. This compound is known for helping to change the mood in humans, rats, and pigs. You could say linalool will help to prevent acne, dry and oily skin, and other skin-related problems that are caused by stress and mood swings.

Apart from its stress-reducing capacities, there are also direct skin benefits you get from lavender. Here you can count the essential oils that adhere to the skin and reduce inflammation. This works really well to prevent swelling form wounds, decreases eczema effects, and even helps to get rid of acne.

If you make a lavender-rich cleanser, you’ll enjoy something that smells amazing, provides excellent stress-releasing effects, and at the same time aids in the process of getting rid of severeskin conditions.

2. Aloe Vera

Everyone knows how useful aloe vera as a medication is. With the many anti-inflammation properties and the vast amount of anti-oxidants, aloe vera also functions as a pretty effective ingredient to treat the skin, including sunburns, itching, acne, and even bad smells.

When it comes to applying aloe vera as your face wash, you’ll get an exceptional detoxifying effect that gets rid of most impurities in your face. It will also help to heal small wounds and get inside acne pores & pimples to decrease the inflammation.

But the real advantage comes from the gel and the latex. One is located in the center of the leaf and smells weird, and the latex that goes directly on the leaves skin. Both help to remedy burns, frostbites, cold sores, acne, and psoriasis.

So you can say that aloe vera offers almost everything you could need in an organic ingredient for a face wash. From the enzymes to the anti-microbial and antifungal properties to fatty acids, saccharides, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, salicylic acids, and anti-inflammatories – aloe vera has it all.

Once you clean your face with any product containing aloe vera, you’ll instantly feel better and get all of its benefits. You could even say aloe vera is a magical ingredient, and for a great reason.

If you’re thinking of lightening face, you can also use skin lightening creams after washing your face with organic face washes.

3. Honey

Not many people know this, but raw honey is actually one of the most essential organic ingredients you can find on beauty products today. Even though it is not widely used as aloe vera or as popular as lavender, honey is still one of the most beneficial organic products to get rid of contaminants in your face.

This happens because honey contains antibacterial and healing properties, alongside a probiotic capacity that helps nourish your skin while hydrating and cleansing.

Many people actually use raw honey directly on the skin to treat eczema, acne, wounds, and even psoriasis and other significantconditions.

The best thing about honey is that it doesn’t have a due date. You won’t have to worry about the honey getting all acid or just smelly over time. It will actually hold for many years or even decades before it starts having a negative effect – and before that happens, you probably had already emptied the honey jar.

The thing about honey is that it needs to be raw honey without any kind of filtration or processing. This helps to maintain all the natural anti-oxidant properties along with the natural hydrating sugars honey contains.

You’ll get rid of impurities while enjoying a less dry skin when using raw honey on your face wash.

4. Sea Salt

Salt is technically a mineral, but sea salt not only is a mineral but also contains other nutrients and minerals inside. From potassium to calcium, magnesium, and even much more sodium than any other type of salt – this makes it hugely practical for beauty products today. However, the best use you can give to sea salt is actually in a face wash.

Have you ever come back from the beach and finding the next day that your face is now softer, less dry, and probably free of any grease? Well, that’s precisely what sea salt does. And it probably does all that better than any other organic product.

The good thing is that sea salt is very strong, but it’s not harmful at all. You can use it for face washes but also face scrubs, facial masks, toners, and even as a side ingredient for other makeup products.

Thanks to the nutrient-rich compounding and the excellent anti-inflammatory properties of sea salt, you can expect it to help with irritations, acne, removal of dead cells, and even balancing oils and retaining moisture effectively.

So you could get sea salt to season your foods or keep your sea fishes swimming happily in the fish tank. But it also helps on the side for whenever you want to make a face wash and enjoy all of its benefits without wasting a fortune on artificial products that don’t work as well as sea salt does.

5. Lemon

Lemon is probably among the most famous fruits in the world, and for a good reason. Not only it has a unique citric acid and flavor that make it useful for a wide array of foods, but it also makes it beneficial for our bodies, including the digestive system and the skin.

This happens because lemons contain vast amounts of anti-bacterial compounds that get rid of bacteria on any part of your body. The citric acid also aids in removing dead cells and works as a fantastic exfoliator by removing impurities & oil from your skin.

Many professionals even recommend using lemon to treat problems in the pigments, such as the scars left by wounds or marks left by acne. Lemon works really well for any of these by fading all the skin marks you may have.

The only problem with lemon is that the citric acid could behave wrongly when it is exposed to sun rays. This aids the citric acid to get even more acidic and produce an inflammation plus pigmentation issue in the skin.

If you get to clean your face with lemon, and then you leave the house on a sunny day, then you’re likely to produce a phytophotodermatitis by mistake that could create weird-looking marks on your face. So whenever you’re going to outdoor activity, keep lemon off your face to prevent this from happening.

For every other situation, lemon can be one of the most effective organic ingredients for a face wash.

Start Using these Organic Ingredients Today!

We know that for you vital it is to take care of your bodymainly your face! That’s why we’re here to teach you the perfect skin care without producing any side effect. As you want to stay as far away from chemicals as possible, then using these organic ingredients will give you a huge benefit you shouldn’t overlook.

You just need to pick the ingredients carefully and make a face wash that works well enough for your needs. We even recommend mixing a few of these ingredients together and make your own organic face wash without using any kind of chemical or unreliable product.

This way, you’ll get a face wash that you can use daily to clean and exfoliate your face without side effects. In the long run,you’ll have more beautiful and clear skin without any chemical-related problem.


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