I‘m not your every day plastic

Not only are we concerned with that our product on the inside is organic and kind to our planet, so we have packaging made out of sugarcane for All You Need Is Me and Mini Me.

It’s a standard plastic tube… but it’s produced out of material based on 100% renewable resources! We are excited to be on the forefront in the skincare industry, using this unique packaging, a tube, including the closure which is environmentally compatible for our world.

Our aim is to make people and planet friendly products without compromise.

Green Polyethylene (Green PE)

The market values this product highly because it is obtained from a renewable source (instead of fossil fuels) – sugarcane ethanol – while retaining the performance characteristics of a traditional PE, which means it can be used immediately in a variety of applications.

Green PE has a very positive environmental balance because, considering the complete supply chain, it removes up to 2.15 metric tons of CO2 from the atmosphere for each ton produced.

Image from Braskem


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