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Benefits of olive oil in healing foot ulcers

A recent clinical trial conducted in Iran investigated the effectiveness of olive oil in treating foot ulcers in patients with type 2 diabetes. The study, led by researchers Nasiri et al. sought to determine if applying olive oil directly to foot ulcers could aid in the healing process compared to standard wound care alone.

Seventy-three patients with diabetic foot ulcers were divided into two groups - an intervention group that received olive oil applications in addition to standard wound care, and a control group that received standard wound care consisting of cleaning, dressing changes, and offloading without olive oil. At the end of the eight-week follow up period, the results showed that 73. % of patients in the intervention group experienced complete ulcer healing, compared to only 13. % in the control group. These findings indicate that those treated with olive oil in addition to standard care demonstrated significantly better healing outcomes.
In their discussion, Nasiri et al. concluded that the addition of olive oil to routine wound care was more effective at healing diabetic foot ulcers than routine care alone, and that no adverse effects were reported from the olive oil applications. However, the researchers noted that further studies are still needed to validate these results. Overall, the trial provides preliminary evidence that topical olive oil may help expedite the healing of foot ulcers in patients with type 2 diabetes.
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The effect of topical olive oil on the healing of foot ulcer in patients with type 2 diabetes: a double-blind randomized clinical trial study in Iran

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