Swedish brand @trueorganicofsweden does not provide a range of a billion skin care products, they offer three, sustainable right there. All You Need Is Me is the multiuse product that made this brand famous. Think 8hour cream from Arden but completely organic and full of good stuff. Face It is a blend of luxurious oils such as Chia seed, Rose hip and Thistle. Wether you want to treat acne, wrinkles, big pores, collagen production, loss of moist...this is the oil that does the trick. They are both water free and therefore perfect to wear whenever it's time to expose your face to raw cold.?❄⛄All You Need Is Me is suitable for kids. Tube is made of plastic made of sugarcane. Simply an essential duo this winter. #winter #skincare #organic #allyouneed #sustainable #goodchoices #trueorganicofsweden #swedish #coldneverbotheredmeanyway

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