Staying healthy

Staying healthy this autumn. Many of us are taking extra vitamins and supplements to boost our health. But you can take them in various ways. Tablets are manufactured by compressing and packing the ingredients by great force. Many delicate vitamins are lost in this process.
Capsules are easier to swallow and have a higher bioavailability, which means that more of the content is likely to enter your bloodstream. Sublingual vitamins are liquid drops that are put under your tongue and have an even faster absorption rate than capsules. A fairly new way to get your vitamins is to have an IV drip infusion. This allows the nutrients to bypass our digestive system and goes directly into the bloodstream. I’ve tried it and it gives you an immediate energy boost.
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Autumn SALE

Annual autumn SALE! 🍂
Time to stock up or maybe try something new?
25% discount on all products. September 24th - October 4th. Don’t forget to check out our economy packs .
Beautiful photo by my friend Jaak Arendi who is no longer with us.
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Oat based skincare soothing itching skin

Oats are not just great for breakfast. 🥣Oat based creams 🧴are often recommended by skin therapists for various skin conditions. The antioxidant, anti inflammatory ingredient found only in oats, called avenanthramides is why oat based skincare is so good at soothing itching and irritated skin. We have added the finest oat kernel oil to Body buddy lotion. It’s sure to keep your dry and itchy skin smooth and supple. Bonus is the delicious citrus scent 😋
We still have our autumn SALE on!
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Cult product for makeup artist

Celebrity makeup artist Linda Öhrström @lindaohloves often uses All you need in her job. Other than being fantastic at her job she is a lovely person 🥰 She helped me a lot when I first started. Because of her, All you need is me is now a cult product used by makeup artists around the world. Here All you need is me featured in Daisy beauty magazine @daisybeautymagazine. Love women who help other women 🤩
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End of summer newsletter

End of summer newsletter


I hope your summer was wonderful and you are back well rested and ready for a creative autumn 🍂. My summer was lovely, most of it spent at my lake cabin. My sisters who I hadn’t seen for two years visited from the US and France, so a very special and happy time.


I’m delighted to let you know that All you need is me balm won Best baby product in the  Bambini awards! With the words:  This little tube of magic works perfectly for an array of ailments and dry sensitive skin needs.

To celebrate this win 🏆 we have a 25% discount on All you need is me both sizes for a limited time. All you need is me was created with my own baby in mind. My baby is now 13 years old 😉


Unfortunately we have some production problems with Undercover agent deodorant. I don’t have a production date yet so you may not find any where you usually buy the deodorant. I have put away some deodorants especially for you, so hopefully we have enough until the next batch is delivered.


Have a great autumn and as always, I love to hear from you J

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Winner best Natural baby product

We are so proud and delighted that our All you need is me balm won 🌟 in the category : 

Best Natural Baby Product @bambinibabyawards. 

All you need is me was my first creation with my own baby in mind. My baby is now 13 years old 😉

To celebrate this amazing win there’s an automatic discount of 25% on the website. Lovely gift for all the babies 👶 out there, big and small 🎁

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Undercover agent deodorant

Same as our food, we use raw or minimally processed ingredients in our skincare products. Never genetically modified and no animal sources with the exception of beeswax. No ingredients derived from petroleum and only natural preservatives. The only non natural ingredient we have is 1% baking soda in our Undercover Agent deodorant. 


Beautiful photo by @authorkristisaareduarte 📸🤩

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MSM and organic skincare

Is your body feeling a little stiff in the mornings? Have you tried MSM? (Methylsulfonylmethane) It’s a supplement found naturally in our bodies. It’s used for a variety of ailments, both internal and topical. Studies show that MSM significantly reduces inflammation in our bodies. If you are like me, thinking about yoga more than actually doing it 😉 it may help you with feeling more flexible. If it’s new to you, I would suggest reading about it and the numerous benefits it may offer. Don’t forget to use organic skincare and you are off to a great start 👍😃 

Beautiful photo📸 by Anne-Pii Saare

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Positive thoughts about autumn

Getting ready to say goodbye to the Swedish summer. Trying to think positive 😃 we are also saying goodbye to mosquitoes, fruit flies, flies, slugs and the lawnmower 😉 Hello to school start, comfort food, beautiful leaves, cozy sweaters, apple 🍎 picking and chanterelle treasure hunts. Chanterelles are anti inflammatory, rich in antioxidants, boost immunity, anti microbial and taste heavenly 😋

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Younger skin from regular sauna visits

If you have the opportunity to regular sauna time you are in luck. 

There are many claims on the health benefits achieved by regular sauna bathing. Numerous well-done and respected sauna medical studies suggest many health benefits can be achieved with regular sauna bathing. Some of the positive effects from regular sauna bathing: 

* Helps with insomnia and sleep issues. 

* Regulates pores

* Reduces inflammation 

* Removes dead skin cells

* Reduces skin irritations 

* Rejuvenates skin

* Stimulates collagen

* Increases circulation 

* Detoxifies skin 

* Inspires changes at cellular level, making your cells stronger 


I like to give my skin and scalp an extra boost by applying Sea me mask to my face and head. I may look scary like the Hulk at the time 😳 but my skin and hair love it . Followed by delicious Body buddy lotion your skin will just drink in. Get ready to glow 😃

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