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Tina de Sousa – Founder of True Organic of Sweden AB

Hej! (Hi in Swedish)

Although born and raised in Sweden, I have had a worldwide career in the hotel business, regional PR, marketing, quality control and teaching. This gave me the opportunity to live in places like USA, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, Egypt and more countries in Europe.

At one point I started realizing that the food that we eat has a direct link to our health. You eat well, you feel well.  I went back to study and took a degree in Science of Natural Health. About this time or soon after, the world started becoming aware of organic food and how much pesticides we actually dispense on our planet. I went back to Sweden, where I among other things managed a health food store.  I always wanted to work towards improving body health and health of our planet. I find the subject absorbing. Our products are a result of our wish list, always with the highest organic content possible. We also want to hear from you. What is on your wish list? We are looking forward to hearing from you.

I am so excited to be part of the creation of exceptional, innovative, pure organic and natural products. I hope you will join us on our journey and please keep in touch.

 / Tina

True organic of Sweden EU Hub                                                  The Netherlands 

Business development: Jean-Pierre de Wild jp@trueorganicofsweden.com

Office manager: Corina Jaspers   corina@trueorganivofsweden.eu


Nicole Waller - Graphic design, display and package design, web design


I joined the True Organic team in September 2014 just before the launch of the first product All You Need Is Me. After graduating from Whitman College with a Bachelor's Degree I received certification in graphic design at the University of Washington Design Program and became certified in 3D Animation at Vancouver Film School. I worked at Humongous Entertainment/Cavedog as a lead animator and taught 3D Animation at the Seattle Art Institute. I most enjoy evolving the package design, creative branding, practical applications, and web design.

I am excited to be part of a team that brings high quality sustainable products to you!

/ Nicole www.artvalve.com



Miia Klingstedt - Webmaster


From Stockholm, Sweden, where I've lived most of my life, with exception to some doctorate work in Japan and South Korea. After a decade and PhD in natural science, more specifically in chemistry, I made a jump into web development and e-commerce. I also turned my eyes on natural healing and thus organic and natural products, which often are proven superior to synthetic ones. 

True Organic of Sweden are creating organic products with focus on natural components. I find it very inspiring the way Tina is combining ingredients that gives her products impressive properties. My role in Team True is as a webmaster, ensuring the website reflects the company activities and communicates natural solutions to everyday problems.

/ Miia, Restful Design



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