Algae Silica

The algae-based silica material with unique and powerful properties developed by nature.

  • Cleanses the skin by absorption of impurities, sweat and bacteria
  • Efficient carrier material that enables efficient uptake of vitamins and nutrients by the skin
  • Improved moisture retention by its ability to bind water, similar to hyaluronic acid
  • A future natural, non-toxic and environmentally friendly UV filter
  • COSMOS Certified Organic
  • Transparent on the skin
  • Completely odor-free
  • The dry form is long-lasting and does not require preservatives
  • Rheology modifying properties
  • The material also shows promise for anti-pollution (currently testing)
  • It is available as a dry powder and as a water-based cream. The dry material is preferable for oil-based formulations and serums, while the cream is easy to formulate into lotions and face masks

These properties have been tested in scientific studies and by our customers.

More on the properties and origin of the material

The algae’s unique porous shell has evolved for millions of years to ensure survival. The shell is naturally designed for uptake and release of chemical substances such as nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The abundance of hydroxyl groups, comparable to hyaluronic acid, also helps the algae to efficiently regulate moisture and water levels.

Algica solves the two major skin care issues: moisturizing and cleansing. These shell’s natural traits can be utilized in moisturizing creams to boost the delivery of active ingredients such as vitamins and minerals to the skin. The remarkable absorptive properties are valuable in cleansing face masks, for efficient uptake of sweat, bacteria and other impurities from the skin.

Additionally, the material efficiently blocks harmful UV light. This has been confirmed in scientific studies by our team and other scientists, including a publication in the elite journal Nature. We are conducting tests to approve this algae material by the EU as an environmentally friendly UV-filter for use in sunscreen.

Diatom shells originate from the sea and are thereby completely safe for oceans and sea life. It is of great importance today to protect our fragile oceans from harmful and unnatural chemical substances that endanger life in the oceans.

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