Black Friday 2018

Black Friday has become a bit controversial in these times. For me it’s two fold. As a small business, I take advantage buying stationery, doing printing, packaging material and other things I need to keep my business running at a lower cost. Also of course the increased sales make a difference. Have you heard this saying that “evertime you buy something from a small company, there is an actual person doing a happy dance” ?                                                         For people with a limited budget. It’s ideal to plan the necessary purchases when sales are on. I have a friend who’s dishwasher broke for good after several repairs in August. She has waited some months to take advantage of the sales that are on now. Personally I stock up on supplements and everyday items I use anyway at a better price. 

There’s always going to be those who go crazy and replace their perfectly fine TV to something bigger and better. But in my opinion the answer is not getting on your moral high horse and shaming people.

 Thank you for supporting small businesses and sustainable products 

After all that preaching 😳 if you want to stock up on your organic skincare products use the code Black18 on


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