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The lymphatic system and skin health

When your lymphatic system is stagnant, it can show up on your skin. The lymphatic system assists with the expelling of toxins. It lies just beneath your skin. If it is not working as it should or clogged, your skin may suffer from acne, loss of elasticity, premature aging and other skin conditions. The lower body gets a head start in the morning as we get up to walk around and move. To get the circulation going for the upper body try this: clasp your hands behind your head so your elbows stick out. Now in a pumping motion put the elbows together in front of you for a count of 30-50 times. Other ways you can kickstart the system is to dry brush your skin and jump on a trampoline or maybe doing the chicken dance 😉
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Organic makeup artist Linda Öhrström

Here is an article from the Swedish magazine Damernas Värld @damernas about celebrity makeup artist Linda Öhrström @lindaloves. Linda is a champion for organic skincare and makeup, she travels the world as she is in high demand from international publications and people. She also does the makeup of our beautiful crown Princess Victoria on special occasions.
Linda as a person is one of those people who brings sunshine wherever she goes. When my first product All you need is me was launched, and she had tried it, she called me and said- I must meet you! From the first time I met Linda her passion for organic and the environment shows. At the end of that first meeting she said quietly to me “Tina, we must save the world”
I’m very grateful to Linda as she helped me a lot by introducing All you need is me to so many other makeup artists, that it has now almost become a cult product for them.
In this article Linda is asked what products she cannot be without. She says that naturally she tests new products all the time, but one of the products she could not be without is All you need is me from True organic of Sweden. I use it for everything she says.

If you have winter dry skin just leave All you need is me on your face overnight and you will wake up with baby soft skin in the morning. Don’t forget to bring it when skiing, it was the only thing that saved my poor tired legs after a day of skiing last year. Just put it on your legs before bed time and in the morning your legs are ready to go for another day of skiing.

As there are lots of US followers, here is where you can find All you need is me in the US
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