What makes Scandinavian beauty different

1. What is it that make Scandinavian beauty regimes different from those from other area of the world?

Many Scandinavians embrace a holistic approach to great skin. It’s not just what you apply onto your skin, it’s also what you eat, mental wellbeing and how you exercise. Scandinavian women are knowledgeable on how strong fatty acids can increase the barrier functions of cells. Most people want to keep it simple and avoid long complicated routines.

2. Which product in your in your range do you consider the most Scandinavian and why?

They are all very Scandinavian as I like to use natural, pure, simple but effective ingredients, but if I would have to pick one it would be our multi award winning balm All you need is me. I have actually tasted all ingredients, that’s how pure it is. There are only 5 ingredient but as they are natural they work in synergy and become even more effective together.

3. How do you define Scandinavian beauty?
Pure, natural, organic, clean ingredients. Products that stimulate the skin and provide great results, without any damage and side effects to the skin or the planet. Stylistically pure packaging often made of recycled or sustainable materials.

True organic of Sweden
Tina de Sousa

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