"A 100 years ago, before I discovered the eco- and sustainability world, I was a big fan (addict) of Elizabeth Arden's old classic 8 Hour Cream. Super buttery and worked for just about everything. But when I switched to cleaner and more ecological choices 8 Hour Cream disappeared from my life. So when I got home a sample of 'All you need is me' , said to be an eco variation of the 8 Hour Cream, I was naturally very curious. 'All you need is me' manufactured by True Organic of Sweden , and consists of 100% natural ingredients and 95% certified organic ingredients. Even the "plastic" tube is made ​​of sugar cane! And in a one simple sentence review I can say: this is an 8 Hour Cream. Organic and manufactured by a small Swedish company.A 50ml tube will last a long time - even when using a luxurious amount to rub all over your hands. It is also a savior for dry lips / elbows / whatever, cuticles and anything else that needs a little extra care. The uses are myriad, and such products I like - less to buy / lug around on / use. And as always, I see it as an added bonus when organic products are really smart packaging, then I imagine that it also appeals to "all others" that have not yet converted to ecological."
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