Undercover agent deodorant wanted

The most bizarre thing happened with one of our orders to the US. A long time customer had ordered two undercover agent deodorants. After some time she contacted me and said her order had not arrived. As we can trace our international orders, I immediately started the search. She also started a search on her end in the US. It turned out the Undercover agent deodorants had arrived in the US at the postal service there. After a few days she got the original box from me with a note from me, but instead of having two Undercover agent deodorants in it there was one Suave deodorant!!

How bizarre is that? 

Did someone at the postal service take the Undercover agents for themselves and then realized people were looking for the package and decided to go out and by a random deodorant to replace it? They could have just said “sorry the package broke” It’s a mystery. What do you think happened? 









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