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Undercover Agent, unisex deodorant - Two pack

Undercover Agent, unisex deodorant - Two pack

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I love the smell. I love that it works. I love that it's organic. In my 40-odd years of using deodorant, this is the best one I've ever used. Will buy till I die. -Lorraine

A natural deodorant that actually works.

  • 99% natural ingredients - the only non-natural ingredient is baking soda.
  • Beautiful glass packaging.
  • Vegan-friendly product!
  • Lightly scented with Ho bark oil and Cypress oils.


Free from aluminium chloride and alcohol. With organic ingredients.  


Aqua - water

vegetable glycerin 

Glyceryl caprulate - natural moisturizer 

Xanthan Gum - natural thickener

Citric Acid Ester - lowers Skin PH value so odor forming bacteria cannot multiply rapidly

Potassium Alum - a natural mineral salt which prevents the growth of odor causing bacteria in a natural way without inhibiting the function of the sweat glands to transpire. 

Sodium Bicarbonate - baking soda absorbs odors 

Sodium Levulinate- natural skin conditioner

Sodium Anisate - natural skin soother 

Ho  bark oil - relaxing for hectic and stressful times

Cypress essential oil - antiseptic, calming



Undercover agent deodorant from True organic of Sweden - Finally a natural deodorant that actually works. Its main action is not to stop perspiration but to naturally and effectively eliminate body odors. Using the purest potassium alum which is a mineral salt, it somewhat tightens the pores of the skin thus reducing sweat while coming in a glass bottle for easy application using the unisex roll-on. Perfect for the eco-conscious individual seeking an organic deodorant that provides odor protection without stopping up sweat glands.


Love your skin, 

love our planet.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 115 reviews
Marie Graff
My obsession with TRUE organic started with Undercover Agent

I stumbled upon the deodorant, took a chance and in 4 years I have not used another one. Then I tried Face It, then All You Need Is Me, then everything else. Every item works the best out of of all other brands I have tried.

Thank you Marie! Love to hear this.
All the products are created from my own wishlist.
I’m known as the queen of NO as I say NO to harmful ingredients for our bodies and our planet .
Thank you again for taking the time to write a review
Best, Tina

Beverly H.
Works awesome!

Best natural deodorant I’ve ever purchased (and I’ve purchased all of them!)! I buy it for myself and my teen son and we both love.

Thank you Beverly!
Love to hear this.
My teenage son also uses Undercover agent deodorant :)
Best, Tina

Monika P.
Beyond great! The best deodorant

Beyond great! The best deodorant ever on this planet!!!

Thank you Monika! Love to hear you like our Undercover agent deodorant :blush: best, Tina

Belinda V.
Excellent Product

I am a loyal fan to True Organic of Sweden. Undercover Agent, unisex deodorant is the best! I have been using this religiously for several years now without fail. Glides smoothly, leaves no trace mark and natural feeling.

Thank you Belinda! Love to hear this :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart::green_heart: best, Tina

Alexandra S.
Does the job!

Does the job!