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Sea me mask - skin and scalp

When I create my skincare products I’m adamant that the ingredients are natural and have as high organic levels as possible while being effective. This is why we included a whopping 5% of organic chlorella in Sea me mask. Chlorella is a single-celled, green freshwater algae.
Chlorella is nutrient-dense and containing a surplus of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6 B12 and C. Additionally, Chlorella has high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, fibre, iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. These vitamins and minerals are key benefactors in maintaining the health of your hair and skin.
For skin, Sea me mask hydrates, calms inflammation and draws out impurities leaving your skin firmer and glowing. Chlorella, compared to spirulina which might be more known, contains even higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which provide proteins and nutrients to hair follicles and skin. It’s also higher in antioxidants. Chlorella is a fantastic water plant that treats your hair on so many levels. It prevents hair loss by strengthening your hair strands and follicles. Chlorella keeps strands smooth, silky and shiny and increasing their elasticity. It nourishes and restores hair and scalp from the roots to the tips. If your hair gets greasy fast, Sea me mask lets you skip additional days of hair washing as it keeps hair clean longer. 👍
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Sea me mask

Gaining big popularity! Have you discovered Sea Me yet? What are your thoughts of it? If you haven't then this is your chance because we are having our spring sale on our website. Link in bio💚
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Sea me mask- solution for dry itchy scalp

Hair’s the thing…

Does your hair get dirty or greasy really fast? Do you suffer from a dry itchy scalp? Sea me mask to the rescue! The aloevera and Chlorella soothes the scalp and conditions the hair. The pullulan ads moisture. The ingredients in Sea me mask can reduce dandruff and unblock hair follicles that may be blocked by excess oil. It will strengthen your hair and help to manage itchy dry scalp and greasy strands.

Both aloevera and chlorella are full of nutrients, fatty acids, amino acids and rich in vitamins for healthy hair. So while you apply Sea me mask to your face, wet your hair a bit so the ingredients can get into the hair strands, then massage Sea me mask on your head. I apply conditioner to ends of the hair. The hair is noticeable glossier and fuller which is especially great if you have fine Scandinavian hair . If your hair usually gets greasy fast, it stays fresher looking much longer. Very useful when you go traveling. There’s even some research that points to aloevera could be beneficial for hair growth.



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Sea me mask for radiant , bright and clear skin

I often get the question, which is my favorite product. It’s a hard one to answer because I love all of them in a different way. But nothing gives me such radiant and clear skin as Sea me mask. It’s a real Cinderella mask. One of the reasons  Sea me mask is one of my favorite products is because we added a whopping 5% Chlorella in the recipe which really makes a difference.


Chlorella is a single cell green algae that grows wild in fresh waters. It’s packed with nutrients so great in your smoothie but did you know that when applied topically, it works through the layers of skin. It battles free radicals, plumps the skin’s appearance, fights photo damage from over exposure to skin and reduces inflammation.


Chlorella is great for all types of skin, it balances oily skin, detoxifies acne prone skin, keeps moisture for dry skin and calms unwanted redness. It’s packed with antioxidants for healthy glowing skin.


Chlorella fights against aging, promotes skin elasticity and visibly firms skin. When dead and dying cells remain on the face we get a dull and gray complexion. With regular use of Sea me mask the Chlorella encourages new cell turnover to reveal brighter younger looking skin.


Sea me mask is also the best acne treatment I have tried. It reduces the breakouts and improves skin quality. The lipids in Chlorella kill the microorganisms that are the cause of breakouts. Additionally the fatty acids disrupt the pro inflammatory cytokine activity that leads to more breakouts.


To sum it up Chlorella detoxifies your skin, it moisturizes and refreshes dry skin, nourishes skin, slowing the aging process, promotes clear skin









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Tight, clear, glowing skin

Weekend pampering session with nourishing Sea me mask for tight, clear, glowing skin. Don’t forget your décolleté 😉 Multi task and also apply Sea me mask to your scalp, give it a good massage to decrease stress and boost your mood 😁
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Benefits of steaming your face

If you are not in a hurry, add steaming your face to your spa ritual. You should never be in a hurry anyway when doing a spa ritual 😉
Steaming opens up pores for a deeper clean and eliminates acne causing bacteria. The warm steam in combination with an increase in perspiration dilates blood vessels and so increases circulation. The increased circulation means a promotion of collagen and elastin production. The steam naturally helps to hydrate your skin which helps your skin absorb skincare better.
Steaming your face doesn’t have to be complicated. You can even do it over the sink. Fill the sink with hot water, you can even add a few drops of essential oil. Get a chair and place it in front of the sink so you are comfortable. Get a soft fluffy towel over your head. Steam your face for about 5-10 minutes. If it’s too hot, just raise and lower your head above the sink or lift the towel a bit.
Now you are ready to continue with a face mask for a continued spa ritual or if you have less time, your normal daily routine . Enjoy 😊
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Sustainable plastic for True organic of Sweden

Who would like to hear some good news today?

A plastic eating super enzyme was found by scientists by accident in a compost heap of leaves . This mutated bacterial enzyme breaks down plastic bottles in hours. Not only that, but the leftover material is even good enough to be 100% recycled into new food grade plastic. This gives some hope that more solutions will be found for all kinds of plastic. It’s estimated that we annually worldwide produce about 359 million tons of plastic with at least 150 million tons left in landfills or in our environment. I see more and more sustainable plastic replacement products which is positive. But we still have a long way to go. Our tubes at True organic of Sweden are made of sustainable, compostable sugarcane.
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Not so fantastic plastic

In support of UN Environment launch of a major global #CleanSeas campaign to end marine litter
Have you also heard that one has to use a cotton bag 131 times before it's more environmentally friendly than a plastic bag? Even so, plastic bags are the worst option to choose .
An estimated 6 billion plastic bags are consumed in each country every year.10% of the plastic that is produced worldwide each year winds up in the ocean—70% of which sinks to the ocean floor where it will never biodegrade.
Every square mile of the ocean has approximately 46,000 pieces of floating plastic which get mistaken for food by some marine mammals passing by. Other wildlife will unfortunately get tangled up in the loose plastic and drown.
Plastic bags that are buried in landfills can take up to 1,000 years to decompose and during this time, they undergo photo-degradation, a process by which an item (in this case, plastic) is chemically broken down through the absorption of sunlight, therefore contaminating soil and water. The production of plastic bags also use up millions of gallons of oil.
Even though they are considered to be a better option than plastic, paper bags still have negative impacts on the environment as well.. Both compostable and paper bags require more material per bag in the manufacturing process, meaning greater consumption of raw materials and greater energy and fuel use in the manufacturing and transport.
One of the great things about reusable bags is that they are manufactured responsibly without using environmentally harmful materials. Each reusable bag can eliminate hundreds and thousands of plastic bags. One should keep in mind, however, that effectiveness depends on the type of bag that is reused. “Polyethylene bags need to be used four times, a polypropylene bag must be used at least 11 times and a cotton bag must be used at least 131 times,” according to the UK Environment Agency.
I use a tote bag made of recycled pet bottles (polyethylene) which I can use up to about a year before it falls apart. Apparently though polyethylene cannot be recycled indefinitely. Switzerland where I lived for quite a few years, is way ahead in taking care of our planet than many other countries.
In Sweden there is a supermarket that has gone beyond the simple charging for plastic bags. One pilot program at Hemköp in Stockholm where you can buy their plastic bag , use it as many times as you wish and when you bring it back, you get your deposit back. In Sweden, we have this deposit system with PET bottles , it would be dream come true, if we can do this also with plastic bags. What do you do? What happens in your country? Do you have any more great ideas how to reduce the plastic? We can all do something, just to say no to “Would you like a bag with that? “ helps. Let's do this together

Source: Ian Somerhalder foundation , Larissa H

Photo by @jtamedia
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