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Test your functional age

I recently came across this test that claims to determine your functional age depending on how long you can stand on one leg with your eyes closed. Do you want to try it?
You lift one leg slightly in the air.
Cross your arms over your chest and close your eyes.
4 seconds- 70 years
5 seconds- 65 years
7 seconds- 60 years
8 seconds- 55 years
9 seconds- 50 years
12 seconds- 45 years
16 seconds- 40 years
22 seconds- 30-35 years
28 seconds- 25-30 years
I can tell you that I’m much younger lifting my left leg and balancing on my right leg. I’m sticking with that 😉
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Swedish and Scandinavian design in skincare products

Swedish and Scandinavian design is well known for it’s minimalist stylish, clean lines. We’ve aspired to incorporate this in True organic of Sweden skincare products 😀
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Reasons to choose organic skincare products

Some of the reasons you should choose organic skincare products. Not only are organic skincare products preferable for the environment as organic farming procedures are better, they are also beneficial to wildlife as well. These practices produce less dangerous waste from fertilizers and pesticides. Up to 100% of organic skincare products contain active ingredients. In synthetic skincare products, active ingredients usually only make up 5-10% of its contents. To further prove this point, natural ingredients work in synergy with each other and become more powerful together.







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Annual January Sales

Our annual January sales are on! This is the time to stock up on your favorites or try something new. 25% discount on everything. 

Use code Jan19



Beautiful design by Nicole Waller




















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Positive thinking challenge

Health and well-being I think also includes mental health. I’m sure positive thinking can be a challenge to everyone at some point. My sister got me a book about positive thinking. Every morning you are supposed to write down 10 things you are grateful for. After 27 days of doing this, miracles are to be expected. I’m on day 12 and even though I started this exercise with gusto, I’m running out of things to be grateful for. I’m down to being grateful for the cheese at my breakfast. 😳 But then my sister said that you are allowed to repeat, and I immediately started feeling more positive. So it’s proof that it’s working already 😉 What do you say, do you want to join me in this challenge? Write 10 positive things you are grateful for, every morning for 27 days. Would be interesting to see the results ☀️


Beautiful fall photo by @jtamedia 














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Pondering life

Just pondering on a Saturday afternoon after reading that many clothing chain stores are closing some, but not all of their retail stores in Europe and US in selected areas. Is it because we buy online or do we buy less? What will the town centers look like in 10 years? What about the malls? Maybe the clothing stores will have showrooms where you can try on your size and then order online. One thing I see increasing in my home town Stockholm, are cafes, and they always seem to be busy. Any thoughts?

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