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The Beauty Truth - Review of All you need is me from True Organic of Sweden

" First I used it on a very soar patch of skin which was on its way to turn into a wound (NOO i‘m not telling you its location), and seriously it worked really well in healing my skin. Then I tried it on dry and cracked lips, and I have to admit I was quit disappointed It didn‘t do any difference (nothing has – if anybody has any suggestions – email me). Then I went on vacation and my face started peeling like a fish, so I basically slept in this creme for a week – and it stopped the peeling (which no other creme could do!!). Last but not the least I tried it on my dry hands overnight – and yepp it works well. So my verdict is that this is a pricy creme (though it costs exactly the same as Eight Hour Creme), it is a good investment since you don‘t use much of it and you only use it when your dry skin needs a lot of TLC."

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