True Organic of Sweden launches its first product, “All You Need Is Me” an organic, natural skincare cream unlike anything else on the market today, in a tube made of sugarcane.

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(Stockholm, Sweden, August 20, 2014)— True Organic of Sweden, A new Swedish organic skincare company is launching its first product, “All You Need Is Me”, using natural and organic ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging. “All you need is me”, a ground breaking organic cream, which has been researched and developed over the past 2 years, will be launched September 1st. There is nothing like it on the market today, a concentrated, intensive organic balm without water or alcohol. This means that the ingredients are working in synergy and therefore extremely potent and very helpful to restore skin.

We want to create products and organic versions of products that don’t exist yet, and there is a demand for. When you cannot find what you want, you might as well develop it yourself. I wanted an upscale feel that was also environmental friendly from product to packaging, explained, Tina de Sousa, Founder of True Organic of Sweden, who visualized and created “All You Need Is Me” after her son was born.

“I want to make effective organic skincare with natural and as few ingredients as possible while achieving results. This will be the first in a series of organic products made in Sweden of the finest luxury quality. It is very important to us, that there is a high level content of organic ingredients” says Tina. “All You Need Is Me” is 95% organic with only natural ingredients. Even the tube is made out of sugarcane and not regular plastic.

"When stimulated with 'All You Need Is Me”, the skin has enormous potential to regenerate its vitality, and skin will improve dramatically. “All You Need Is Me” works wonders on dry patches of skin, dehydrated lips, fingernails and cuticles, parched, itchy elbows and it makes your feet and heels soft and happy. It can also be used for hair and scalp, for split ends or a hair masque. A tiny dollop for the area in need is enough.

True Organic of Sweden is a “Green company” that goes above and beyond to create environment sustainable products. True organic of Sweden aims to create products that are transparent and designed to reduce waste. “We don’t just create natural and organic products, we create products that are innovative, yet socially responsible and that reflect the company’s social and environmental commitment to make the world a better place,” expressed Tina. “Also important to us is having fun, we hope our sense of humor shines through and will make people smile”, says Tina.

“All You Need Is Me” will be sold online and will soon be available in major department stores in Sweden followed by stores and online in other European countries.

For more information about “All You Need Is Me” and True Organic of Sweden, please visit:

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